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Posted: October 15, 2021

Ask anyone about a favourite gift and they’re sure to provide details: What they love about it, when they got it, and of course who gave it to them. That may explain why nearly two-thirds of consumers consider unexpected corporate promotional gifts an ideal way for organizations to interact with them.


When the weather is hovering somewhere between crisp and sub-zero, warm and cozy promotional gift items, like blankets, robes and more, are sure to make a big impression. That’s why we’re sharing these comfy, cozy gift ideas that are sure to become a fast favourite.


Gifts for the whole family

While adults are sure to love a warm and cozy gift, they may love it even more when they can share it with their entire family. If you’ve got a customer with a baby on the way, send them a care package with a note of congrats and a super-soft baby blanket to help keep their little one warm on a cool night. And if the new baby has an older brother or sister—let them feel the love too by including a super-soft teddy bear pillow.


Did a client share they will be celebrating a major milestone birthday or anniversary? Send your warmest wishes with a jug of hot apple cider and a vacuum growler.


Loungewear for a night in

When a big contract comes in, some organizations celebrate with a night on the town. But that’s not quite as fun when the weather is cold and uncooperative.


Thank your customers for their business with a cozy night in, instead of a night out on the town. Create a gift basket with a favourite movie or best-selling book, some microwave popcorn, comfy sweatpants and a fleece hoodie. If you want to offer something that’s a little easier to size, a velour hooded robe is an unexpected corporate promotional gift that fits just right.


Cozy blankets to keep the chill off

Nothing says “we’ve got you covered” like a blanket. That’s why it’s a great item to remind customers you’re there for them when they hit a milestone with your company, from one year as a customer to their one-hundredth purchase from your business.


A classic sherpa blanket or fringed throw blanket is the one-size-fits-all gift for reading a book in their favourite chair, keeping off a chill while watching a movie, or for catching a long winter (or fall or spring) nap. And the wearable sherpa blanket offers all the coziness of the classic option in a style they can literally wear.


If you’re looking to make an extra-special impression, a stadium blanket is perfect for the sports fan or soccer parent who will surely take it along to every game. Really wow them when you include tickets to their favourite sporting event.


Drinkware gifts to warm them from the inside out

Of course, warm and cozy doesn’t always have to be worn on the outside—it can come from the inside. Whether it’s coffee, tea, hot chocolate or chai, everyone enjoys a hot drink on a cold day.


The universal usefulness of drinkware makes it an ideal introductory gift, whether you’re getting together for a first meeting or sending it to someone you want to do business with.


A stainless steel vacuum mug or 3-in-1 tumbler/bottle and can cooler can be presented in person or sent in the mail and stuffed with literature or other promotional items that will ensure your brand is never far from their hand—keeping you in their thoughts as well.


If you want to make an even bigger impression at a first-time meeting, offer associates and clients coffee mugs as a promotional gift item they can take with them. Set out a carafe of hot water and a basket containing Hot Chocolate Bombs they can enjoy during the meeting or at home.


Warm and cozy corporate promotional gifts make happy customers

When chilly afternoons and evenings are the order of the day, there’s nothing cooler than warm and comfy corporate promotional gifts. Every time your customer pulls out their new favourite gift, they’ll think of you.