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Posted: June 24, 2022 5 min read

Break out the snacks and party hats and get ready for a good time! Ninety percent of staff say they have more trust in their boss when they feel recognized. Celebrating special occasions at work helps your team connect and make memories together—not to mention how valued and appreciated they’ll feel. We share celebration ideas plus ways to use staff appreciation gifts to make special moments even better.



Celebrate employee birthdays. Decorate their desk with Foil Star Balloons, streamers, Celebration Twists, personal notes from colleagues, and a surprise gift card for lunch. Give them a box of nostalgic candy from the decade they were born. Hold a happy hour where co-workers get a chance to mention their favorite thing about the birthday person. Shine the spotlight on them with an email blast to the whole team highlighting the honoree’s work accomplishments and something interesting their co-workers may not know about them.


Let the birthday person do or choose something special that day. What music do they want to play? What room do they want to meet in? Let them shadow a manager or learn basic skills in a different field. When the birthday person clocks out for the day, help them kick off their evening with an employee appreciation giveaway—like a vacuum wine tumbler and their favorite beverage.



There’s no better reason to celebrate than a work anniversary. Celebrate one-year milestones with a Chic Upfront Lunch Cooler. Tuck a gift card to a local restaurant or coffee shop inside. For five-year employees, string up pictures capturing moments throughout their time with your company. It’ll bring back good memories and encourage co-workers to reminisce. Give them a Bamboo Pop-Up Lantern with Wireless Speaker. They can use their branded gift for pool parties, barbeques and more—always being reminded of your company’s thoughtfulness and recognition.


Treat your ten-year employees to executive dining. A nice meal in an upscale restaurant makes team members feel special and appreciated. Whether they dine with other employees or take their family, this gift is sure to foster even more positive feelings about your organization. A President Crystal Tower is a classic giveaway to honor their accomplishment while instilling a sense of pride.


Project completion

Strengthen your team and create a top-notch work environment with project completion celebrations. For huge projects, throw a dinner party. Bring in a comedian, live band or magician to create a super fun, unforgettable evening. Give a cash bonus to team members who went above and beyond. Imprint a fun saying like “#1 project manager” and your company logo on a coffee mug or twist travel tumbler to give each contributor as an employee appreciation giveaway. Their sense of pride and camaraderie will be revived every morning when they pour some brew.


For completing smaller projects, take the team out for bowling or laser tag. Throw in a couple appetizers and beverages to create a fun, yet budget-friendly night. Hand out ribbons or medals to congratulate the winning team. They can take them home as a souvenir or display them in their office as a reminder of the rewarding night after a job well done.

Employee appreciation days

Once a year, host a big office party that everyone will look forward to—your own red carpet “Office Awards Night.” Employees can dress to impress for a night of music, laughter, dinner and drinks. Events like this create a culture of gratitude and boost morale. Reward team members with honors like “Always willing to help,” “Best ideas” and “Best person in a leading role.” If an “Employee of the year” is in order, a Stonecast Slate Plaque is an elegant way to show off their accomplishment.


On Employee Appreciation Day, send each team member home with a beautifully packaged gift box. Load it up with unique, useful or tasty staff appreciation gifts. A Campfire Round Bento Box, bendable Screwdriver and 7-Way Assortment Tin are perfect. Care packages like this help staff feel valued and create a sense of belonging.


There’s always a reason to celebrate

Break out the party ideas and staff appreciation gifts—it’s time to celebrate. With ideas like making their work anniversary extra special and celebrating a big project completion, your team will bond and feel valued. Cheers!