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Posted: May 17, 2019 | Updated: March 10, 2021

No matter the size of your marketing budget, getting the most out of every penny is a top priority. These low-cost tips and budget giveaways get your brand in front customers, while allowing you to stretch your promotional dollars.

Host an event

The best way to show off your product or service is to invite people see it in action. Host an event or class to put your name on display. To get people to sign up, offer an impressive raffle item. Then get creative by incorporating budget-friendly promotional items.

Hand out a Vinyl Locking Wristband to every attendee. Each band features two tear-off tabs that can be turned in to receive entry tickets for your raffle. Raffle Lip Balm is another smooth way to distribute prizes. Each tube is numbered, so just put the matching numbers into your raffle bucket and select a winner. Even those who don’t win the big prize will still go home with a gift.

If your event is online, enter everyone who watches your livestream, podcast or webinar into a raffle. A cool bag, such as a Sightseeing 20-Can Event Cooler, is great as a standalone prize or filled with company swag to create a branded gift basket.


Brand your vehicles

When you put your name on a car, van or bus, that vehicle becomes a moving billboard.

A Removable Vinyl Bumper Sticker or a Corner View Frame for license plates is a budget-conscious way to get your message seen. Use them on company cars or give them to customers who want to help share your organization’s message. The Car Sun Shade turns an employee or customer vehicle into an ad that’s always on the move.

If you’re looking to make a long-lasting impression, oval, rectangular or rounded corner Magnetic Car Signs are big and easy to see. While you may spend a little more of your marketing budget up front, these durable magnets go the extra mile to drive impressions and sales.


Appeal to kids

While kids might not be your company’s target audience, they are your future customers. And their parents are sure to recall a company that treats their children well. If you’re participating in a community event or hosting an open house, draw families to your booth with these budget promotional products and giveaways.

A Super Kid Sticker Sheet with Smiley Faces or Wow Words is sure to bring a smile. A Paper Jeweled Crown will make them feel like a queen or king for a day, while a U-Color Headband – Crown allows them to put a creative spin on royalty. A Coloring Book can help keep kids occupied while their parents shop or mingle, and a Coloring Tote and Crayons – Shine Brighter combines a fun day of creativity with a bag they’ll hold onto for years to come.

If you’re looking to catch the attention of tweens and teens, give them a chance to use one of their favorite devices: their smartphones. Offer them bottles with a Water Bottle Label promoting your brand and a fun hashtag they can share. Set up a charging station so they can power up their device while learning about your products or services. Or create a filter on Snapchat® so they can share the experience.


Go for the unique

Business cards are a good way to ensure customers can find your contact information when they need it. But choosing something other than the standard card will help them truly remember you.

Choose a thematic budget promotional product that reinforces what your brand does. A Lock Soft Keychain does double duty for locksmiths or security companies, for example. Flat Flexible Magnets can also double as a business card. They come in a variety of shapes, from dog bones to cell phones. You can also create your own shapes. Wooden nickels function as a business card and as a “Come back and see us!” reminder. For example, offer a Wooden Nickel – Free Cup Coffee to urge clients to set up future meetings.

You can also ask other businesses in the neighborhood to help promote your brand. Ask restaurants and bars to use your branded Pulpboard Coasters. They protect surfaces while introducing your brand to potential clients.


Bring them back on a budget

When making the most of your marketing dollars, budget giveaways can help. These promo items will draw in customers and, most importantly, keep them coming back.