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Posted: December 13, 2019 | Updated: January 05, 2021

“There’s nothing I love more than change.”


Has anyone ever said that and truly meant it? Whether it’s internal or external, change is hard, often throwing your customers and your team for a loop.


But change can lead to something bigger and better. Make your next transition a smooth one with these tips. Choose branded promotional items that can help.


Prepare staff


When it comes to business transitions, change starts from within. So, first and foremost, educate your team about your plan. Communication is essential to ensure associates have the information they need and are prepared to answer any questions.


Create a transition guide for all employees that outlines what changes they can expect, who will be affected, and when changes will take place. Be sure to include answers to anticipated customer questions. Detailed, scripted answers will help staff communicate a consistent message to clients. Make this guide easy to access by uploading it onto a Ring-Round USB Drive—or hand out hard copies in a Legal Size Two-Pocket Presentation Folder.


If role-specific training is needed, meet with staff one on one. This way, team members have the opportunity to ask questions. These meetings provide the perfect opportunity to thank them for their help during the transition. Show appreciation with a branded promotional product, such as a Custom Accent Stainless Travel Mug or Guzzle Stainless Bottle.


Inform customers


Whether it’s a brand update, process enhancement or leadership change, it’s important for customers to know that your company is still the same at its core.


Branded promotional items imprinted with important changes can reassure customers that their needs are your first priority. For example, send customers information about a change and include a Flat Flexible Magnet with your contact information. Encourage them to reach out with questions or concerns.


Smaller items, such as the Javelin Stylus Pen and Soft Touch Round Lip Balm, are great reminders of your trusted brand.


In addition, do your best to educate customers about the change as soon as it happens. Use email, phone calls, social media or other channels. It’s important that they understand how your company is changing to avoid confusion the next time they need you.


Update branding material

Have updated branding material on hand to promote the change prior to any official transition. If your company is changing its logo, everything will need to be updated. That includes employee apparel, such as the Snag Proof Industrial Performance Polo and office stationery, like the Bic® Sticky Note.


Feature the new brand on any marketing materials too. This includes mailings, emails, signage, social media and your website. Updated materials should be prepared before any transition happens, so the switch occurs simultaneously, across all channels.


In addition, make sure staff members know not to use old, out-of-d ate branding materials. Conflicting collateral can be confusing to clients and prospects. Create new branding guidelines so everyone is on the same page.


Address mistakes


Even with the best planned transitions, mistakes can still happen. If an error occurs, be transparent about it. Customers will appreciate the honesty and authenticity.


Customers also will appreciate your company taking immediate action when a mistake is made. They will likely respond better to the explanation too. Offer a special deal or promotion to make up for their inconvenience. Apologize with a branded promotional product. Anyone will appreciate the Super Soft Chenille Blanket . Or they’ll get plenty of use out of a practical Cotton Sheeting Natural Economy Tote.


Change is good


Help employees and clients welcome a big change. With these tips and branded promotional items, everyone will be on board in no time.