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Posted: August 23, 2019 | Updated: January 05, 2021

When it comes to branding, consistency is rule number one. In fact, consistent branding across all mediums can increase total revenue by 23%.


One of the biggest challenges in maintaining brand consistency is ensuring all team members are on board. From human resources and IT all the way to the C-suite, each staff member needs to be well-informed on brand rules. Detailed brand guidelines can serve as a great reminder to everyone on staff about the ins and outs of your brand. These rules can help guarantee your corporate identity is always present and accurately portrayed.


In addition, making a memorable impression with your branding is a must. Your message should be specific and engaging. Follow these tips and tricks to help express your brand’s unique identity in all marketing materials, including custom promotional items.


Consistency is key


As mentioned above, it’s essential to stay consistent across all materials and platforms. Cohesive branding helps customers, employees and prospects recognize your messaging and get to know your company.


Keep colors, fonts and other design elements the same across websites, social channels, printed materials, video and even custom promotional items. As an example, choose a promotional pen that clearly represents your brand. Consider its traits. For instance, a pen should be durable and it should write reliably so recipients are more likely to use it regularly. Also, choose one in your company colors. The Apex Stylus Pen is a perfect example. It is a stylus and writing utensil in one and comes in a variety of colors.


Before choosing your brand pen or other promotional item, don’t forget to read the reviews and request a sample. This will help you confirm that the item is a fit for your image and that recipients would enjoy it.


Products that make sense


When picking a custom promotional product to represent your brand, be sure the item works with your brand identity.


For example, a complex logo or detailed messaging might not work on a small product. Your team will need to choose an item that has a large enough space for a clear impression of your logo. Tote bags, like the Silver Rush Tote, are great for displaying detailed logos that can be easily recognized.


In addition, if your branding includes unique colors, choose an item with a full-color imprint to help ensure a close match to your corporate colors. Some terrific examples include the Zinc Sunscreen Stick and Full Color Sport Bottle.


Build trust


Cohesive brand messaging helps create trust between a company and its customers. When tone, personality and colors are always the same, customers truly get to know and trust a brand. On the other side of the coin, don’t create messaging or choose promotional items that conflict with your brand’s voice, promise or values.

So, if your company markets a high-end product or service to a sophisticated audience, it might not make sense to choose a promotional pen with a fidget spinner on top. Instead, a stylish refined option, like the Manchester Stylus Twist Metal Pen, would be a better fit. If your brand prides itself on being environmentally friendly, focus on items that are reusable or made from recycled materials. Brown Kraft Paper Bags, for example, can be easily reused or recycled.


To help choose the perfect promotional item, picture the item as an extension of your tagline. Do the two match?


Consider outside the office


Whether your business is small or large, the vibe your outdoor signage sends should follow brand guidelines. Even though it’s not a website or business card, outside banners and other signage should still clearly mirror your brand.


If you’ve got a large corporate office, it’s unlikely that a sidewalk messenger sign will draw attention. However, a small business searching for foot traffic could benefit from a Sidewalk Messenger sign promoting a sale. A Deluxe 10′ Event Tent would be more appropriate to promote a large event or trade show.


After choosing the type of signage that works for your brand identity, be sure the visuals support it. Make the colors and copy on the signs consistent with the rest of your messaging.


Be your true brand self


Follow these tips to express your brand identity. Whether it’s a brochure, TV commercial, social media ad or a custom promotional item, they’ll be sure to know it’s you.