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Posted: February 02, 2018 | Updated: January 04, 2023

Fitness apparel is expected to keep going strong for 2018. Choose from “athleisure”, high tech wearables or functional basics to get a positive response from all of your employees, no matter their fitness level. 4imprint merchandising apparel gurus Sara and Becky shared some of their recommendations for trendy, moisture-wicking apparel (ready for your company logo, of course) and some of the exercise programs your stylish shirts, shorts and pullovers can encourage.

Whether your customers made a New Year’s resolution to exercise more or you are starting a wellness program at work, getting fit is always a worthy goal! Promotional fitness apparel can give them a little inspiration and a morale boost.


For the yoga crowd

While some employers use discounts for health clubs or the YMCA to encourage exercising, others (like 4imprint) bring the instructor to the office. Yoga and stress-reducing classes can make a big difference. “Exercises that help our mental focus continue to grow and expand,” Sara said. “In a high-tech, fast-paced world filled with constant stimuli, health enthusiasts find comfort in decompressing. Participating in activities that help them decompress strengthens overall wellness.” Outfit them with flexible, fashionable gear!


For the workout at home crowd

Working out at home is becoming more popular, as people deal with busy schedules, parenting needs and the desire for convenience.  An abundance of online videos, live streaming and apps make it easier than ever to download a fitness regimen that works for your employees and customers (at a time that’s convenient for them).  Work out equipment is also featuring technology that allows them to exercise from home with live online classes.  Apparel that works well for at-home workouts includes:


For the runner and high-intensity crowd

Running is one of the most convenient ways to exercise because it involves an individual, self-paced activity that can be done on a treadmill or outside. Running is a good way to get in a cardio workout. For busy employees with little time for exercise, Sara recommends high-intensity interval training that incorporates short bursts of fast exercise. This allows for a strong workout in a shorter amount of time. Your staff can get a robust workout during lunch or breaks if you can make a workout room available somewhere—like an unused office or storage room. Try these high-intensity workout outfits.


For the strength and body weight crowd

Building muscle mass is an important part of exercise because it improves metabolism and helps burn calories even at rest. It also promotes strong bones while reducing the chances for injury. Its popularity in athletic sports has become mainstream for both men and women. Muscle conditioning or group training classes offered in gyms or online make it easier for anyone to weight train on their own. Put your logo on some of these items to encourage weight training, either in an on-site facility, a gym or at home.