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Posted: January 21, 2022 | Updated: February 16, 2022 3 min read

Many businesses are being asked to do more with less. But a decreased budget doesn’t have to mean less promotion. Here are four budget-friendly promo ideas—plus several giveaways—to help your business thrive despite budget cuts.


Create email sequences

Email marketing is inexpensive yet effective. Email bursts can help you promote a particular product line by explaining the benefits, one at a time. If you’re looking to engage new subscribers, offer a “welcome” surprise if they open the next three emails. Useful USB drives or mouth-watering cookie dough bites make great surprise gifts.


Launching a new product or service? Announce it in an email and include an incentive for anyone who signs up to receive more info. Choose gifts related to your industry, like an infuser bottle for health or sports businesses or a shopping tote for retail stores.


Take to podcasts

Air waves provide great promo opportunities. Podcast hosts are thrilled when people want to be interviewed. You get the chance to promote your business, and your audience receives free, valuable information. It’s a win-win-win.

Offer to send a giveaway to each listener who follows your business on social media. Just have listeners text a message saying they heard it on your podcast to verify. Inexpensive giveaways like a paper-cover notebook and pen or pencil are perfect. Be sure to thank the podcast host with a memorable gift, such as a branded laptop backpack.


Leverage social media

Social media is free, fun and easy. Create posts that engage your audience. Contests are very effective. Or post about hot topics that invite conversation in the comments. Highlight specific products or services too. A monthly planner can help team members plan and schedule post topics.

Offer random giveaways for everyone who likes and shares a post. Tins with tasty mints leave a fresh impression. Useful stylus pens remind recipients of your brand every time they jot something down. And jar openers are sure to open new doors.


Host a webinar

What problem does your service solve for customers? How does your product make people’s lives better? Host a webinar and tell all!

Use gifts, like a collapsible phone grip or a double-duty spatula, are ideal to give to people who sign up to attend. And provide thank-you gifts for those who attend and listen to your entire webinar. A fidget spinner or individually wrapped cookie are great choices.


Budget promos with inexpensive giveaways

With ideas like creating email sequences, using budget giveaways and leveraging social media, you can easily promote your products and services—and stay on your budget. Happy promoting!