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Lester Public Library: one by one story

Here’s a story worth reading.  


Lester Library l one by one charitable giving program l 4imprint

‘Make a splash—read!’ was the theme of the Lester Public Library’s summer reading program this year, encouraging children, teens and adults alike to take time to read over summer vacation. The library went all out, from decorating the library to look like a coral reef and island oasis, to hosting water games outside and bringing in experts to show off water animals and science demonstrations.

The library’s Flickr™ page abounds with photos of these decorations along with images of water-themed events and guests throughout the season and includes memories captured of what is clearly a community that enjoys its library. Located in Two Rivers, Wisc., the town of 12,000 obviously likes to read.

More than 1,200 people participated in the program this year, reading books and writing reviews of what’s been read. The first review earns each reader a travel mug with the library’s logo, made possible from a donation by 4imprint’s one by one® Program. Each review thereafter enters readers into a prize drawing. At the close of the ten-week program, a grand prize drawing is offered and another prize is given to the reader with the most reviews.

“The summer reading program offers incentive to people in many ways,” explained Chris Hamburg, Lester Library’s adult services coordinator. “People read more because of the program—just to get the travel mug or other prizes and to experience the pride of sharing their reviews with others.”

Hamburg and other library staff even developed displays throughout the library to showcase the reviews and encourage others to join in on the fun. Hamburg said that the response to the entire program—and the travel mugs—has been extremely positive.

“I really enjoy it when people come in and tell me that they’ve discovered a new author or read a book that was in one of the displays. I guess, I just really love it when anyone gets excited about reading,” shared Hamburg.

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Travel Mugs with Style

‘Tis the season for travel and warm beverages.

And, that makes this a good time of year to talk about travel mugs. In this post, I want to show you travel mugs in a few new styles that are designed to attract more attention to your logo.

High Contrast Colors, New Logo Area

Nerva Travel Mug from 4imprint

If you’re looking for a more modern travel mug design, look at one of the new options with high-contrast style. The Nerva Travel Mug (pictured above) attracts attention because the logo isn’t in the usual imprint spot. Bright colors contrast against the black imprint area and lid for a very now look.

Straight Sides

Biodegradable Venti Tumbler Travel Mug from 4imprint

These mugs are sleek. Straight sides give an updated, minimalist look. Mugs in this style are available in both acrylic and stainless. The Biodegradable Venti Tumbler (pictured above) is acrylic.

The Ellipse Tumbler (pictured below) is made from stainless steel.

Ellipse Tumbler Travel Mug from 4imprint

The Paper-look-alike

For the latest mug style, consider a paper-look-alike mug. The Terra Coffee Cup is actually ceramic with a rubber lid.

Terra Coffee Cup Travel Mug from 4imprint

These are fun to carry around because people often do a double-take, when they realize this isn’t a throwaway cup. These will make fun holiday gifts for those looking to make a statement.