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ZERO Prostate Cancer: one by one story

Working with charities like this is one of the things I love about my job. 


ZERO Prostate Cancer l one by one charitable giving program l 4imprint

ZERO Prostate Cancer Challenge

ZERO Prostate Cancer is a national nonprofit organization on a mission to end prostate cancer. They advance their mission through research, education, support and awareness. One program, the ZERO Prostate Cancer Challenge run or walk and golf tournament was started by Baltimore, Maryland’s Chesapeake Urology less than seven years ago. Today, 37 cities across the nation participate. This year, the Baltimore ZERO Prostate Challenge attracted more than 1700 participants.

The Challenge has a fair-like atmosphere—there are vendors, speakers, politicians, etc. Lenny Moore, former Baltimore Colts running back and prostate cancer awareness advocate helps chair the event. There is a special hat ceremony held to honor survivors at the start of the run. It has been named the, “Ring of Honor” and this year there were 150 survivors who participated. Survivors received hats that were purchased with a one by one® grant from promotional products retailer 4imprint®. The survivors held their hats high and waved them in the air while listening to the words of prostate cancer survivor, Phil Shulka:

“We stand before you today being blessed to survive this deadly disease. Some, however, are not so lucky. A man dies every 18 minutes from prostate cancer. We stand before you today proud to be recognized as a survivor, increasing the awareness of prostate cancer and more importantly to say thank you for supporting this cause. We tip our caps in appreciation and encourage you to continue to help us to find a cure.”

The money raised from the event goes towards providing free screenings for at-risk populations, particularly in the African-American community where the prevalence rate is much higher. A screening bus, staffed by volunteers goes into at-risk communities 10-12 times a year—each time screening between 100-150 men. Approximately 76 Americans die each day from prostate cancer, and the mission of the ZERO Prostate Cancer Challenge is to drastically reduce this number and save more lives.

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Rewarding children for good choices can make change for good!

The 2012 annual back-to-school survey of parents and teens from Capital One found that only 33% of parents say they talk to their kids about money more than once a week.

Not surprisingly, the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability issued a report on February 19, 2013, offering 15 recommendations designed to assist in better understanding financial matters and making informed financial decisions. The Council’s four top recommendations focused on the consistent and continuing integration of financial education into our lives: in families and schools, in workplaces, and in local communities.

That’s where this new line of promotional stickers comes in.

Super Kid Sticker Sheet Dollars and Cents | Promotional Products from 4imprint

The 4imprint exclusive Super Kid Sticker sheets are designed to reinforce children’s good choices in savings, healthy eating, going green, doctor visits, healthy living and more.

Super Kid Sticker Sheet Go Green | Promotional Products from 4imprint

Your customers will thank you for providing them with promotional products that help integrate financial literacy into their everyday lives and show children the importance of saving for a rainy day.

Super Kid Sticker Sheet Dollars Doctor Visit | Promotional Products from 4imprint

Using stickers to reward other good choices makes learning fun. It can also help raise awareness of topics that sometimes aren’t on the menu for dinner table talk.

Give your customers and their families something to talk about. It’ll be like changing the world, one sticker at a time.


Hero Dogs: one by one story

Here’s a story that’s incredibly touching.



Hero Dogs Inc l one by one charitable giving program l 4imprint

A hero for a hero

Talk to most dog lovers and you will quickly learn that what began as a shoe-chewing, un-potty trained little puppy grew up to become a beloved family member. But imagine raising a puppy, carpet cleaning and all, just to give it away. That’s what volunteer families do for Hero Dogs. After about 15 months of pure puppy bliss, and a lot of training, a foster family returns the puppy to Hero Dogs for another year of specialized training before delivering a well-mannered service dog to a deserving, disabled military veteran.

“It can be terribly frustrating for veterans with disabilities to have to ask others for help constantly. The service dog is there to be their arms, their legs and their ears; to be not only a companion, but a helper. Having this support can be so liberating, so freeing and can help disabled veterans get some of their life back,” says Jennifer Lund, founder and president of Hero Dogs, Inc.

Lund lives in the Washington DC area and has always been acutely aware of the number of military veterans living in the area and undergoing rehabilitation and/or therapy for service-related disabilities. So in late 2009 she combined her passion for raising service dogs with her admiration for veterans and formed Hero Dogs, Inc.

Through the 4imprint one by one℠ program, Lund was able to order promotional pencils and bags, bearing the Hero Dogs logo, to hand out wherever she and her service-dogs-in-training go. These promotional products help to spread awareness of the organization and thank donors small and large. One-by-one, every penny helps Lund and her team match more disabled veterans with their very own, floppy-eared hero.

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Exclusive, on-the-go products are great for busy travelers!

Did you know that, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Community Survey, nearly 600,000 full-time workers had “megacommutes” of at least 90 minutes and 50 miles, and 10.8 million workers travel an hour each way? If your customers are some of them, they’ll appreciate the fact these exclusive 4imprint promotional products are ready to grab-and-go with your marketing message right by their side.

Warm up their morning commute with our exclusive, new Spotlight Travel Tumbler. A stainless steel exterior and an inner layer made of polypropylene plastic keep hands comfortable and hot beverages the ideal temperature.

Spotlight Travel Tumbler 16 oz. | Promotional Products from 4imprint

Or consider the flexible Malia Travel Tumbler.

Malia Travel Tumbler 16 oz | Promotional Products from 4imprint

This 16-oz. 4imprint exclusive is made with BPA-free plastic made to accommodate both hot and cold beverages. That makes it the perfect companion for both morning commutes to work and afternoon commutes home.

Make drive time a happier time with these exclusive products. Your customers will thank you over and over again!



Indigenous Outreach International: one by one story

It’s humbling to hear about some of the work charitable organizations do to make the world a little brighter. 


Indigenous Outreach International l one by one charitable giving program l 4imprint

Indigenous Outreach International is a nonprofit organization that began 15 years ago with a group of missionaries working in Ethiopia who noticed many capable Ethiopians doing great work. They decided to start a program to support them in furthering their ministries and began assisting just seven indigenous ministers—today that number has grown to more than 60.

In addition to providing financial, educational, technical and spiritual support to missionaries and their churches, IOI provides grants to support micro loans distributed by local partner ministries. These loans enable Ethiopians to start their own locally owned and operated businesses. There have been approximately 30 of these loans provided to date benefiting approximately 15 percent of the families IOI serves. What’s more—the small amount of interest paid on the loan is given back to the debtor when the loan is paid in full.

IOI has also provided farming and vocational training to those it serves. With their Aquaponics program, water comes full circle when wastewater from greenhouse grown fish is used to grow vegetables—with this process they are hoping to produce 1 million pounds of food year-round in a country that sees no rain for 9 months out of the year.

Each year, IOI provides a Christmas gift to its missionaries—this year it was a backpack containing a T-shirt, pen, raincoat, flashlight and baseball cap. This gift acts as a survival kit of sorts as the ministers do most of their travelling on foot. “We were very encouraged to receive a [one by one®] grant because we already expended all the funds we had on the backpacks but really wanted to give everyone a blanket—the grant made that possible,” said IOI executive director Patrick Beard. “It’s very encouraging to do business with a company [like promotional products retailer 4imprint®] that offers a program like that.”

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Jefferson Elementary School: one by one story

We love hearing stories like this.


Jefferson Elementary School l one by one charitable giving program l 4imprint

Students at Jefferson Elementary School in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, were in for a surprise when they began the 2012 school year … tablets. Each student was assigned their own iPad® as part of the One-to-One program, a broad-based initiative to bring technology to classrooms around the country.

The One-to-One program is part of a Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) program known as Student Achievement Guarantee in Education (SAGE) which emphasizes academic achievement through smaller class sizes. SAGE schools can receive up to $2,250 for each eligible low-income K-3 child and at Jefferson, more than 70 percent of Jefferson’s students qualify for free or reduced school lunches.

Jennifer Ruetten is part of the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) at Jefferson. She notes that while other schools and PTOs are able to buy similar devices for their student populations, the Jefferson School PTO simply isn’t able to generate that kind of income. But, as part of the SAGE program, “we’ve been the first in getting a lot of things in the district,” she says. “It helps the learning of some of the kids who don’t get it at home … and the teachers are great. They work really, really hard to support those kids.”

Whether the iPads are used for math or for writing projects, science research or movie-making, they’re used nearly every day. And so far, both students and the teachers like them. “It’s interesting how they’ve taken to it,” Jennifer remarks.

But students aren’t the only ones enjoying them. Parents like Jennifer have taken to the tablet trend, too, especially since they’re able to see and receive their children’s work digitally now.

When parents of the Jefferson PTO asked teachers what else they might need, they said styluses. That’s where 4imprint® came in. Jennifer knew about the one by one® program and applied for styluses to complement the iPads. “We put the school name on them in case they were accidentally lost. And we ordered them in school colors, too, so that’s kind of fun,” said Jennifer.

Even more fun: iPads from One-to-One and styluses from one-by-one!

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Promotional Products in the Color of 2014

If you’d like promotional products in a very modern color, look at products that give a nod to Radiant Orchid. That’s the rich, lavender-like color Pantone® named color of the year for 2014.

What makes Radiant Orchid stand out? It brings together tones of purple, pink and fuchsia, in a combination of warm and cool tones provide an attractive base for a variety of logo colors.

Promotional products available in similar color tones include the Refine Wrinkle Free Royal Oxford Dobby Shirt for men and women. Whether your team is exhibiting at a trade show, presenting at a conference or providing sales or service support, they’ll look polished in this classic shirt, made modern in Orchid Purple.

Refine Wrinkle Free Royal Oxford Dobby Shirt - Mens | Promotional Products from 4imprintRefine Wrinkle Free Royal Oxford Dobby Shirt - Ladies | Promotional Products from 4imprint

The KOR Aura Tritan Sport Bottle – 17 oz. makes a memorable giveaway for sporting events and grand openings. It features a twist-on lid and impact-resistant construction and is available in six colors, including Translucent Orchid, shown below front left.

KOR Aura Tritan Sport Bottle - 17 oz. | Promotional Products from 4imprint

Or, use the Pocket Buddy Notebook for meetings or conferences. The Translucent Orchid version is shown below on the left, one of four colors exclusively available at 4imprint.

Pocket Buddy Notebook | Promotional Products from 4imprint

There are dozens more products available in a palette that’s similar to or complements 2014’s color of the year. To give you some ideas, we’ve pulled together a boutique store with promotional products available in the orchard color. Check them out at


Tuesday’s Children: one by one story

Here’s a story of one of the charitable organizations I had the privilege of working with.  


Tuesday's Children | one by one charitable giving program | 4imprint

A Place to Turn for Help, to Cope

Most U.S. Americans can remember where they were the moment disaster hit on Sept. 11, 2001 in New York, Washington, D.C., and Virginia. Many children who lost loved ones that morning continue remembering every day. That’s when Tuesday’s Children can help.

Tuesday’s Children supports families and children who lost parents or other loved ones to the 9/11 tragedies by providing mentoring services, family programming, volunteer opportunities and other life-skill learning workshops. With a variety of resources to serve the entire family unit, Tuesday’s Children hopes to foster a positive growth environment that allows children and their loved ones to cope together and work toward recovery.

“Each family might have different needs and be in different stages of grieving,” explains Sara Wingerath, director of 9/11 family programming. “Adults and children grieve differently, too. Children grieve at major milestones in life, so a lot of our kids are re-experiencing that tragic day and have lots of questions and anxiety. We help support them into their adult years.”

One of Tuesday’s Children’s most successful services is its mentoring program, currently at full capacity with 55 active mentor-child matches. The program has served more than 150 children since the organization’s inception, proudly pairing children in need with a responsible and consistent role model.

“We stand back and let the mentors do their work and champion the cause. These kids really rely on their adult match, and our mentors become change-agents in their child’s life,” shares Wingerath.

Although more than 400 nonprofit organizations were founded immediately after 9/11 to assist victims of the tragedy, only a handful remain active today. Tuesday’s Children is one of the few, which Wingerath credits to its support of families for as long as they’re in need. That’s not to say times haven’t been tough though, especially when a struggling economy takes its toll.

One way the organization is able to battle tightened funding and still provide value is by working with other organization programs, including 4imprint’s one by one™ charitable giving program. In 2009, Tuesday’s Children awarded all mentors and participants in its New York City Marathon team with logo’d water bottles, as a token of appreciation for their service and efforts.

“We have to be really creative in these times to continue performing at the same level, and we rely on the support from organizations like 4imprint,” says Wingerath. “The water bottles were a huge hit and a great way to say thanks to all our mentors and volunteers.”

For more information on Tuesday’s Children, visit

To read more stories like this one or to learn more about 4imprint’s one by one program, visit our Facebook page or our website at  

Texas Neurofibromatosis: one by one story

This is a great story. 


Texas Neurofibromatosis l one by one charitable giving program l 4imprint

Camping with a Cause

Neurofibromatosis (NF) is a rare, genetic, neurological disorder that causes the growth of tumors on nerve cells causing abnormalities including skin changes, disfigurement and blindness. It targets men and women the same, across all racial and ethnic groups and its symptoms vary. Though it is generally diagnosed early in life, no cure or treatment exists. The Texas Neurofibromatosis Foundation works to meet the needs of those afflicted by NF by providing care, comfort, support, information, education, funding and other resources for its treatment, prevention and cure.

For more than 20 years, the Texas Neurofibromatosis Foundation (TNF) has been hosting its annual Neurofibromatosis Family Camp for patients and their families. Last year, more than 120 people attended. Nearly 90% had their way paid by Camperships, which are camp scholarships. “NF Family Camp is a place to connect and build relationships with other NF patients. Some kids have never met anyone else with NF,” said Cindy Hahn, Managing Director. Camp is also a place for fun with activities including arts and crafts, horseback riding, swimming, fishing, canoeing, hiking and more. Activities are adapted so anyone can participate, regardless of ability.

Perhaps one of the most telling activities at NF Family Camp is the Wish Boat Ceremony. Campers are invited to light a candle, close their eyes and make a wish. All the candles are placed together to float in the shape of a heart or a star and are sailed out, across the lake. “It is really beautiful,” Hahn said.

This year, the campers received a little something extra as part of their camp experience. The Texas Neurofibromatosis Foundation used its one by one® grant to purchase imprinted water bottles for campers and a mini-notepad and pen so the campers could exchange their contact information.

“We can’t tell you enough about how much we appreciate 4imprint’s support,” Hahn said.

To learn more about the 4imprint one by one program, visit our Facebook page or go to our website at

Mitchell Yancey Healthy Families: one by one story

Whether the goal is to thank volunteers or raise awareness, it’s really fun to hear about some of the creative things charities do.


Mitchell Yancey Healthy Families l one by one charitable giving program l 4imprint

Mitchell Yancey Healthy Families is a program of the Toe River Health District and partners with the Mitchell Yancey Partnership for Children. The Mitchell Yancey Partnership for Children provides everything from a children’s resource library to subsidized child care and child care quality assurance services.

MYHF is an intensive home visiting program meant to identify and assist overburdened families. Overburdened may mean little or no income, domestic violence issues, substance abuse and evidence of child abuse.

The primary mission of the Mitchell-Yancey Healthy Families Program (MYHF) is to prevent child abuse. The organization serves families from time of pregnancy until the child has reached age five. “Working with and providing services to families when the child is this young reduces the risk of maltreatment to the child,” says MYHF’s program director, Nickey Reato-Stamey.

Since it began in May 2012, MYHF has enrolled 23 families. An MYHF Family Support Worker can spend anywhere from 90 minutes to 5 hours per week in the home or working on each family’s needs and Nickey reports that there have been noticeable improvements already. For example, MYHF families have already seen a 20 percent increase in income and there has been a 20 percent decrease in smoking among the pregnant women MYHF is assisting.

Crisis intervention is part of MYHF’s service goals, but parenting education is essential. The main goal is for these parents “to parent differently than they were parented,” says Nickey. “So, if they know child abuse and neglect, we want to teach them … there’s a different way.” One way to make a change: Get outside and get active.

That’s why Nickey applied to receive a one by one® grant of pedometers from 4imprint®. “We know that getting outside and having some sort of exercise can be beneficial,” remarks Nickey. “Pedometers are what we got and we want to use those as a way to improve [maternal] health.” The idea behind it is to promote health by helping parents be good role models. When moms are walking outside, they’re also setting an example so that “children know it’s important, too.”

When Nickey received news that MYHF would be receiving the pedometers, she and her team “were tickled pink.” Theirs is a new program, but they felt that 4imprint really appreciated the child abuse prevention cause. “Wouldn’t it be exciting,” Nickey thought, “for 4imprint to say that they put their imprint on preventing child abuse?”

Indeed it is.

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