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| Updated: December 21, 2022

Studies have shown that happier employees are more productive employees. Celebrating company events is a simple way to increase the cheerfulness level around the workplace. Join 4imprint’s Heather and Brittany as they sit down to share event ideas and why taking a timeout from work to enjoy your coworkers is important. Bonus: See how choosing the right promotional products can make your next company event a smart marketing opportunity.

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Some benefits of celebrating company events are to bring the company together as a whole, to encourage camaraderie among different teammates that maybe you don’t get to see as often.

It is something there to boost morale, to have fun, but also to make it a memorable event. I think some of the things that companies can plan events around, one thing would definitely be employment anniversaries and birthdays. Those are definitely a time to thank the people that work for you, let’s have a celebration to celebrate all the orders that are coming in, all the hard work that you’ve been doing.

You can also use promotional products to say thank you for your time when someone’s exiting or retiring. You want them to look back on their experience and say “Wow this is a great company and I’m so glad that I have something of a physical nature that I can hold onto and share with the people that are in my life.”

Promotional products can be really fun for company events because you can give something as small as a pen or pencil away someone and they’re going to take it and it is going to have your logo on it and they’re going to be able to show it to their friends or family, people that they work with. There’s not really a limit to what you can give away to people.

You really want to have something that goes along with your event. Or if there’s a theme, or if you’ve got a certain color scheme, look for those colors. A way to make the event more memorable – tie it in with the event for people so that after they’re leaving they’re still talking about what a great time they have and they have a little token of appreciation to show for that.