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| Updated: December 21, 2022

Focusing on prep and packing for your trade show now can help avoid costly mistakes later. When your trade show is 1 to 4 weeks away, going over details is necessary to make the day of the event run more smoothly. Watch as 4imprint’s Jen shares 4 practices—from her first-hand experience—you can use to feel ready and prepared.

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You need to confirm the dates that everything needs to arrive. Many times you ship to a warehouse ahead of time or you can ship directly to the location of the event. Either way, you need to make sure that your supplies all arrive on the dates that are listed for the event. That can be very costly if you go beyond those dates before or after.

It is important to have a master information list. That can include contact information for all of your staff members, tracking numbers for all your supplies, locations of hotels, emergency contacts. Everyone should know the details because not everyone is at the booth all the time. And if you have all that information written down, they may never have to read it but at least they have it.

Every trade show does included a supply kit. And this includes anything from scissors to pens and knives, zip ties, first aid supplies. You need everything in there at some point in time, so if you have all that stuff handy it can save the day.

Sometimes it’s nice to do little cheat sheets behind your display. Things that list what to do in the a.m. to set up, to get the booth ready right before it opens. Maybe some conversation starters, some phrases that are little helpers, so when your staff exits and goes around the back of your booth they can take a look at that and refresh themselves. And make a meaningful conversation easier.