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| Updated: December 21, 2022

Congratulations! You made it through your trade show. The big day is officially behind you. Take a nice deep breath and be proud of what you’ve accomplished. But the work isn’t over yet. What you do post-show is just as important as all your pre-show prep. In our series finale, Jen shares the top three actions you should take to capitalize on memories still fresh in your—and your contacts’—minds. Watch this video to help make sure your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

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Taking care of all your leads post-show, right away, is important. You want to stay as fresh as you can in those people’s minds before they move on to something else and they forget. One thing you can do is send out a promotional product as a thank you after the show. People get something in the mail which is fantastic, you know, it’s an exciting thing to get a promotional product and it ties it back to their experience at that trade show. And it kind of gets that reconnect again.

Post-show meetings are important to do as well. When you can meet with your staff that participated in the event, get their feedback, see what their thoughts are. Was it worthwhile? Should we change anything? Should we sign up again? All these things are things you can evaluate after the show and do better the next time.

Evaluating the budgets after the show to see where it falls. Did you spend money you thought you were going to? Did you spend too much or too little? The return-on-investment is important and that’s going to dictate how many events you’ll be able to do during the year and whether or not you’re going to choose to do that exact one again.