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Kangaroos posing with pint glasses. The glasses have logos on them.

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Swag Master

One nonprofit’s clever use of fundraising thank-you gifts

Posted: February 08, 2023 | David Vignali 2 min read

Barn Hill Preserve supports animal education, conservation and rehabilitation. When staff saw an opportunity to help a Costa Rican animal rehabilitation sanctuary called Kids Saving the Rainforest, they jumped at the chance. Thank-you gifts for donors helped make that possible.

A frosted tumbler glass with a logo.

Frosted Tumbler

A taste of generosity

When you have interesting animal ambassadors, an event that gives supporters an up-close encounter is sure to be a draw. Barn Hill Preserve’s “Brews & Roos” fundraising event includes opportunities to meet some of the Preserve’s resident animals while also enjoying locally brewed beverages and food truck treats. All event attendees and donors were given a Frosted Tumbler to use for sampling. Donors also received a Brews & Roos-branded Brew Pub Glass as an event keepsake.

A pint glass with a logo.

Brew Pub Glass

VIP experience on tap

Barn Hill Preserve wanted to make the event even more memorable for VIP attendees. Adding the Brews & Roos logo to a Stainless Steel Pint Glass added a luxurious touch for donors supporting at a higher level.

A stainless steel pint glass with a logo.

Stainless Steel Pint Glass

Going “ale” out for animals with donor thank-you gifts

This Swag Master gives thank-you gifts for donors that serve as a lasting reminder of a one-of-a-kind, up-close experience with animals. That’s a boost to their brand and the animal sanctuary they support.