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| Updated: May 30, 2023

A graphic showing the cover page of a digital magazine.

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Featured articles

A graphic showing the first page of the Cover story from the digital magazine.Cover story: 5 event marketing tips to help pack the house

With the right event marketing, your next event can be a smashing success with a strong turnout. Discover five easy and effective event marketing tips.

A graphic showing the Overheard story cover page from a digital magazine.Overheard: #SwaggingRights®: Send the “write” message with notebook giveaways

Our customers love to take note with notebook giveaways. Find out the many ways they use notebooks and journals to snag #SwaggingRights.

A graphic showing the Product Highlight story cover page from a digital magazine.Product highlight: Promotional trucker hats

Cap off your brand with stylish trucker hats with on-trend features like patterns and patches. See giveaways that will “cap-tivate” your audience from the top down.

A graphic showing the Lasting Impressions story cover page from the digital magazine.Lasting impressions: How to increase event registration—fast!

To entice even more people to sign up for an annual race, one organization stands out to potential runners with the help of certain branded gear. See what they did.

A graphic showing the Swag Master story page from a digital magazine.Swag master: Pint-sized thank-you gifts for donors

To raise much-needed funds for an animal sanctuary, Barn Hill Preserve uses fundraising thank-you gifts designed to leave sponsors hopping with joy.

A graphic showing the Trend story cover page from a digital magazine.Trend: Referral marketing tips to grow your business

A strong referral marketing strategy can skyrocket clients’ confidence in your brand and boost your business. See how.

A graphic showing the Remarkable Moments story page from a digital magazine.Remarkable Moment: Learning life skills with promotional fidget toys

The Workshops, Inc. teaches life-changing skills and provides support for adults with developmental disabilities. Find out more.


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