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A cup of promotional pens superimposed over a person signing a document

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Swag Master

Swag Master transforms a pen into a unique promotional item

Posted: February 07, 2022 | Dave Vignali 2 min read

Idaho Estate Planning did something seemingly impossible. It turned a common promotional giveaway into an essential part of its business branding, earning Swag Master honors.


Start with safety

Idaho Estate Planning first began using the uni-ball 207 Gel Pen with members for practical reasons. The fade-resistant, anti-fraud ink bonded to documents, ensuring signatures couldn’t be removed. Whether members were signing their wills or performing yearly updates on their trusts, they could be certain their signatures were as concrete as their intentions.


Max impact

The pen’s color scheme is both eye-catching and memorable as purple accents outside match the ink inside. As Idaho Estate Planning quickly discovered, members love the unique promotional item, which mixes document safety with recognition for maximum impact. In fact, so many people asked to take a “purple pen” when their document signing was done, Idaho Estate Planning added its brand to the item.


A unique promotional item becomes a tradition

Year after year, members look forward to updating their documents with the “purple pen”—as the giveaway now is known. This unique promotional item helps ensure critical document signatures are secure, and Idaho Estate Planning stays top of mind year-round.