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Collage of people wearing promotional T-shirts

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T-shirt giveaways turn branded comfort into SwaggingRights®

Posted: February 07, 2022 1 min read

Two people celebrating a back rehab graduation

Happy Graduation Day!

Patricia worked hard with Hillary to rehab her back injury and now feels confident returning to home workouts (in her new KCPT T-Shirt!)


Man wearing a promotional T-shirt

This guy works in the concession every game and wears the swag each time…


A woman and child sitting at a table

Chautauqua Striders would like to thank 4imprint for these awesome t-shirts.


Man wearing a logoed T-shirt

Just happy to be part of this great city of San Antonio, TX Our NEW délice #SanAntonio T-shirt will be available soon.


Two people wearing logoed T-shirts

vball szn is back bby! go thunder ducks (my role is equipment manager)


Promotional T-shirts

Family & Friends and Customers all enjoy these soft, comfortable shirts. They are great looking. The two-colored shirts with the embroidery on the front and the large print on the back really wowed people, and established our new presence in our business.


Check out our Pinterest® board for T-shirt giveaways that are sure to grab customer attention, staff appreciation and #SwaggingRights.


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