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| Updated: July 13, 2022 2 min read

Swag Master

Capturing candidates with a memorable promotional item

Posted: July 12, 2022 | Updated: July 13, 2022 | Dave Vignali 2 min read

Horry County School’s custodial services has learned the pen can be mightier than the mop. See how they used the MopTopper Pen as a memorable promotional item to raise interest.

Branded blue and white pens

MopTopper Junior Stylus Twist Pen

Creating smiles from across the room

With its wild “hair” and joyful grin, this pen offers everyone in the room a look that says “Come closer!” For Horry County School’s custodial services, the unique branded giveaway was a fun way to pull people toward its table at a job fair.

Explaining the job

Although mopping is just one small piece of the custodial puzzle, the promotional pen helped to explain the job at a glance. The mop top doubles as a screen cleaner. Horry County Schools then took the theme to the next level by putting the pens in miniature trash cans, recycling bins and metal buckets.

Making getting in contact a snap

People walking away from the table with this unique branded giveaway got a bonus benefit—contact info. For people looking to make a career change, the imprint on their MopTopper Pens made it easy to get in touch with Horry County Schools.

A clean win

This Swag Master turned a classic giveaway into a storytelling opportunity by pairing a memorable promotional item with a smile-inducing twist for janitorial jobseekers.