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Collage of people in tie-dye shirts.

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Tie-dye giveaways that brighten days for customers and staff

Posted: April 08, 2022 1 min read

Two girls in tie-dye shirts.

How cute are these tie-dye T-shirts for this season’s ice cream scoopers at Ron’s Ice Cream and Bowling in HydePark, MA?


A child in a tie-dye shirt.

The kids LOVED their tie dye shirts thanks for a job well done!


A large group of people in tie-dye shirts.

Spirit staff shirt to thank our teachers!


A collage of people in tie-dye shirts.

We used the white t-shirts as a staff motivation project and tie-dyed them as a group/team. Then we posted on our Facebook page and asked patients to vote on which they liked best. It was great to get the staff together and get our patients involved as well. I’d recommend the t-shirts from 4imprint to many people!


Three women in tie-dye shirts.

We love our tie-dye tees! We are wearing our new shirts in the community while spreading eating disorder awareness and education, hoping to de-stigmatize eating disorders and help more people feel safe in reaching out for help. Thanks for helping us look the part!


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