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| Updated: May 30, 2023

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Featured articles

Cover story: Continuing connections

Knowing how to maintain customer relationships is critical for building your business. Discover tips on sharing information, active listening and more.

Overheard: #SwaggingRights®: Tie-dye giveaways energize staff and customer connections

Everyone can appreciate a tie-dye giveaway, especially when it’s colorful. Find out how our customers used promotional tie-dye apparel to get #SwaggingRights.

Product Highlight: Promotional BBQ products

At company gatherings, nonprofit fundraisers, community events and backyards, promotional BBQ products give everyone a taste of your brand. Take a look at the giveaways every customer and staff member are sure to appreciate.

Lasting Impression: Finding refreshing solutions

One organization turned on a fountain of creativity in a quest to meet customer needs. Discover how they made it happen.

Swag Master: Visitor guide

To protect endangered beach wildlife, Tybee Island hands out promo magnets that show visitors how to do their part. Find out how they did it.

Trend: Benefits of virtual events

Online and hybrid events have quickly moved from occasional to essential. See some of the surprising benefits of virtual events.

Remarkable Moment: Building skills and a brand

ECHO Barkery helps people with disabilities build skills by making tasty treats for canines, while building the brand with a uniform of promo aprons.


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