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| Updated: February 03, 2021 4 min read

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Gift giving just got smarter

Posted: July 16, 2019 | Updated: February 03, 2021 | Suzanne Worwood 4 min read

Cool tech giveaways are a smart choice for employee giveaways, customer thank-you gifts, trade show prizes and more. An estimated 477 million smart home devices will be shipped globally in 2020, and by 2021, the average American will own 13 connected devices. If you’re looking for a new class of swag, imprint your brand on one of these innovative promotional giveaways.


Smart bulbs and plugs

People—especially millennials—love smart technology. Consider: 47% own at least one smart device and 70% say they plan to buy another. Give them what they want with smart bulb sockets and plugs that transform ordinary lights and home electronics into smart ones.

The Wi-Fi Smart Bulb Socket screws into a standard light socket. Users can turn lights on and off or program them on a schedule—all by using an app on their smartphone or tablet.Wi-Fi Smart Bulb Socket

Millennials will love these programmable smart bulb sockets.

The Wally Wi-Fi Smart Plug works much the same way. Simply plug into a standard outlet and transform lamps or other home electronics into smart devices that can be operated from a mobile device.Wally Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Associate your brand with the innovative and easy-to-use smart plug.

These innovative promotional giveaways are just the thing to make an impression at a conference or event. Hand them out to key customers or offer them as a raffle prize.


Smart doorbells

Three in five Americans have purchased a product that enables them to monitor their home from their mobile phone.

They’ll associate your brand with peace of mind when you give them a Wi-Fi Smart Video Doorbell. When it is connected to Wi-Fi, the recipient can see, hear and speak to whoever is at the door.Wi-Fi Smart Video Doorbell

This smart video doorbell allows you to see, hear and speak to visitors.


Bluetooth® trackers

Your brand helps take stock of their valuables when you give them a tracking device imprinted with your logo.ANKR® Bluetooth® Tracker

Lost keys, wallets or bags are a thing of the past with the ANKR® Bluetooth® Tracker that communicates with an app to locate any tagged item within a 250-foot range.


Wireless chargers and more

Power up your promotions by offering a wireless charger with a little something extra.

The Desk Lamp with Fan and Wireless Charger is a light, fan and wireless charger in one. It is ideal for desks, nightstands or to use while on the road.Desk Lamp with Fan and Wireless Charger

Help your customers “charge-up” with these dual-purpose chargers.a desk clock that wirelessly charges your cell phone when you set the phone on top of clock

The Keen Wireless Charging Desk Clock is a perfect gift to welcome new employees, thank customers or reward sales goals. It combines an attractive desk clock and alarm with cordless charging capabilities.


Make a wise choice with smart tech giveaways

When you’re looking for your next employee gift, customer thank-you or trade show swag, these cool tech giveaways are a smart choice.


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