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Posted: August 28, 2023 2 min read

one by one®: Ride Hard Breathe Easy

In 2016, John Matthews committed to raising $1 million in his lifetime for lung cancer patients. His mother passed away from lung cancer in in 2011, instilling a desire to help other people diagnosed with the disease. Man holding a red branded golf towel.

Matthews determined he was going to bicycle across the country to raise money, and that first year, he biked from Philadelphia to the Golden Gate Bridge. From that initiative, Ride Hard Breathe Easy was born. The organization’s mission revolves around raising funds to support the most underserved lung cancer patients. Every year, Ride Hard Breathe Easy hosts a bike ride, virtual bike ride, mini gala and golf outing. It’s raised over $700,000 to date.

The impact of the organization’s support goes beyond words. For lung cancer patients facing financial hardship, assistance from Ride Hard Breathe Easy becomes a beacon of hope. “With my recent lung cancer diagnosis, I struggled to pay my monthly bills,” one patient said. “Ride Hard Breathe Easy paid an overdue electric bill, ensuring I had heat and electricity for the winter.”

Hospitals that partner with Ride Hard Breathe Easy have also seen the profound impact it has on patients, with one hospital representative saying, “This fund has been incredibly important with assisting patients in completing their treatment, which they may not have been able to without your help. This fund has saved lives.”

Swinging hard to fundraise with golf giveaways

As team members geared up for this year’s annual golf outing, they wanted to provide golf giveaways for participants. Thanks to a 4imprint one by one grant, they were able to order golf towels with carabiners and deluxe divot tool and marker sets.

“The swag helped elevate our golf tournament. It’s a little something extra that helps spread the word about us. And people can use the swag any time they go golfing after the event,” said John Matthews.

A note from Cheryl

The tireless efforts of Ride Hard Breathe Easy to raise money for people battling lung cancer is inspiring and admirable. 4imprint is honored to play a small role by contributing golf giveaways. To learn more about a one by one grant, visit onebyone.4imprint.com.