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Posted: January 22, 2019 | Updated: November 03, 2022

You never know how an organization will make a difference. Here’s one inspiring story.



United Way of Trail and District sticker giveawaysUnited Way of Trail and District understands the value of every donation. And every donor. The group raises money within local communities to support a variety of local programs, including groups that offer emergency dental care, education and job training for mentally challenged and disabled community members, food banks, affordable housing programs and much more.

One of the programs they support, Take a Hike, is a youth education program designed to help kids who don’t fit into the mainstream school system. Like all the local community programs United Way of Trail and District supports, Executive Director Naomi McKimmie is passionate about the program and the impact it has. “There was one young lady who joined the program,” McKimmie said. “She always kept her head down and wouldn’t speak to anyone. By the end of the first year, the school built her confidence up so much she entered the community pageant—and won!”

The United Way of Trail and District wanted to be able to thank donors for allowing them to support this young woman and so many of the amazing nonprofit programs in their communities. As a recipient of a 4imprint oneby onegrant, the organization ordered sticker giveaways. These promotional products for nonprofits reinforce the organization’s appreciation when they send receipts at tax time. The Static Decal, which is easy to slip into the envelope, is an effective way to share heartfelt thanks for every donation. “Any new donor will get one as well, as a small token of our thanks,” McKimmie said.


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