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Posted: February 28, 2022 | Updated: November 03, 2022 3 min read

one by one® story: United Way of Colchester County

United Way of Colchester County’s mandate is to bring individuals and organizations together to serve the broader community. United Way serves its community by providing grants to other nonprofits. Local nonprofits apply to the United Way for funds to help run their programs. If individuals come to United Way for help, they are typically referred to another organization such as a homeless shelter, mental health association, women’s transition house or other nonprofit. United Way has several in-house programs too. For instance, one program fixes up donated bikes for kids while another provides school supplies to area students. To build its pool of grant money, United Way holds various fundraisers that are promoted with branded mug giveaways and other marketing materials.

United Way of Colchester County serves 7,000 through about 20 local nonprofits in an average year. One nonprofit, a local homeless shelter, uses its United Way funds for its Community Navigator program. Through this program, homeless or near homeless people find safe, affordable housing and are connected with other crucial services to receive food, clothing, education and employment training.


Raising funds with soup and mugsWoman holding red insulated mug with a logo. There are United Way posters on the wall behind her.

Soup Fest, one of United Way of Colchester County’s annual fundraisers, takes place at the Truro Farmers Market. About a dozen local soup vendors provide a pot of soup and patrons buy tickets to sample and vote on their favorite.

With the 4imprint one by one® grant, United Way ordered soup mug giveaways to promote the Soup Fest fundraiser. The first ten people to buy Soup Fest tickets receive a mug. Other mugs will be filled with soup and given out during the fundraiser. The remaining mugs will be used to promote future fundraisers.

“We love these insulated mugs with our logo on them. We try hard to be environmentally friendly, so we like that they’re reusable. And our mugs are just beautiful. Everyone who sees them wants one. We only have two full-time employees, everyone else volunteers. We have a limited marketing budget, so the 4imprint grant is really great,” said Heather Hamilton, Office and Community Engagement Coordinator.


A note from Cheryl

What wonderful resources United Way of Colchester County provides to so many local nonprofit organizations. 4imprint is honored to play a part in raising necessary funds by providing soup mug giveaways. To learn more about 4imprint’s one by one® grant program, visit onebyone.4imprint.ca.