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Posted: March 01, 2021 | Updated: November 03, 2022 3 min read

one by one® story: City Net

A young man struggling with addiction traveled from the streets of Montreal to Southern California for a 90-day rehab program. Upon successful completion of the program, he had no safe place to call home and found himself back on the streets. The man met a City Net staff member who was wearing a branded T-shirt designed to raise awareness of the homeless-services agency. After City Net’s staff built a rapport with him, this young man decided to enter one of the agency’s shelters, where his basic needs were met—but his story didn’t end there. City Net discovered that the man really wanted to return home to his father, whom he hadn’t spoken to in a year. As part of their Reunification Program, City Net verified the father’s home was a safe, stable place for the young man to continue his recovery—then they reconnected the man and his father through a phone call. For his trip back to Montreal, City Net sent the young man off with lots of love and a backpack filled with new clothing, food gift cards, and notes of encouragement.

Meeting people where they’re at

City Net volunteer wearing a branded T-shirt.Offering services in four counties throughout Southern California, City Net serves anyone experiencing homelessness. The organization offers multiple programs, including winter shelters designed for cold and rainy months, and year-round shelters for individuals waiting for a permanent housing option.

City Net’s approach is to meet their clients where they’re at—whether that be in a park, on a bus bench or walking in the streets. That way, City Net’s staff can reach as many people as possible. This approach makes it easier to help clients feel comfortable. The goal is to start a conversation with them about the services City Net provides, but the agency has encountered a small challenge—they don’t stand out from anyone else on the street.

Enter 4imprint’s one by one® grant. As an emerging nonprofit that lacked funding for staff uniforms, City Net was thrilled to receive a grant that they used for branded T-shirts.

“City Net is very non-traditional—we don’t have an office. It’s important for us to meet our clients out in the field where they’re at. With our branded T-shirts, 4imprint allows those experiencing homelessness to recognize our staff as someone they can trust, as a safe person they can interact with,” Communications Director Chelsea Bowers said.

(Watch this video to see City Net’s staff out in the community providing help and support).

A note from Cheryl

We were honored to help City Net fulfill their mission and use branded T-shirts to establish trust. If you’re interested in applying for a one by one® grant, visit onebyone.4imprint.com.