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Preventing brain drain in your community

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Learn tips for preventing brain drain, like using promotional giveaways to advertise incentives to stay in your community.

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What to look for when selecting T-shirt giveaways

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T-shirts come in every color, size and style—which makes them perfect for any audience. We have tips to help you select the perfect T-shirt giveaway for your promotion....

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How to Use Promotional Giveaway Items in Brand Contests

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Build excitement and engage fans. These exciting contest ideas and promotional giveaway items are perfect for making connections with any audience.

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Gamification: The creative fundraising idea that offers big wins

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Put fun in fundraising with gamification. We have creative fundraising ideas to help you boost engagement and get more supporters donating and sharing.

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one by one® story: San Francisco Sailing Science Center

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The Sailing Science Center is an interactive world-class museum in development. They use custom event banners to promote their project to potential investors.

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4imprint® Awards Over 1,000 Nonprofit Promotional Item one by one® Grants in 2019

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Nonprofit promotional item grants from 4imprint’s® one by one® program helped more than 1,000 charitable organizations reach mission-critical goals in 2019.

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Best promotional gifts to show staff appreciation

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Showing staff appreciation is important for employee morale. These are some of the best promotional gifts to welcome employees on their first day, recognize their accompl...

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Make-A-Wish® Uses Logo Giveaways to Make Dreams Come True

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Northeast Wisconsin’s Make-A-Wish® chapter shares its mission, builds brand awareness and helps charity events succeed with the help of logo giveaways.

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How to make patients feel more comfortable

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Understand how to make patients feel more comfortable and relieve their stress. A welcoming waiting room and the BATHE technique can help.

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Fun holidays to celebrate throughout the year

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Celebrate quirky, fun holidays for an experience customers and employees won't soon forget. Give away small business promotional items to add to the fun.