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Nearly one-third of annual giving happens in December. That leaves you with 11 months to find the remaining two-thirds of your annual budget. To help raise that money, we have year-round fundraising ideas to fill the coffers.


Sell merchandise


Selling fundraising promotional product is a win-win option. It brings in funds and provides advertising every time the product is used. Offer a classic T-shirt or hat, or get creative! For example, if your organization rescues pets, a stuffed animal is an adorable reminder of your good work.


Engage on social media


Analyze your donor data to see where your supporters spend their time on social media and then engage with them there. Maintain an active social presence, include links to your donation page from some of your posts and make sure your profile includes how to donate. Boost your presence by sharing:


  • Team and volunteer introductions
  • Information about your newest projects
  • Videos about the impact your organization has had in the community
  • Supporter shout-outs


To get even more social reach, send supporters a bookmark with a note that says, “You’re pretty great in our book!” Ask them to tag your organization in a post showing the gift with the current book they are reading.


Create a talent show


Have fun by hosting a talent show, letting participants sing, dance, tell jokes or provide other entertainment. Whether held in person or virtually, charge an “entry” fee. Raise more funds by having people use their dollars to vote for their favorite performer during the show and after (if you make the show available to watch on your social media pages). Offer a small trophy to the winner.


Offer year-round peer-to-peer fundraising


While many organizations let supporters raise money for special events like a walk- or bowl-a-thon, offering peer-to-peer fundraising options on your website lets them raise money for just about anything. That includes their birthday, a milestone event (like a cross-country bike trip) or in memory of a loved one.


Thank supporters who schedule a personalized fundraiser with a promotional product like a blanket.


Raise funds all round


Taking care of those you serve is a 365-days-a-year job. Trying one or more of these year-round fundraising ideas will help ensure you have the donations to keep up the good work.