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| Updated: June 02, 2021 3 min read

About 96,000 new businesses are formed across Canada every year—and many need a community to call home. If you want to show startups that your area is a place they can thrive, try out these tips coupled with promotional giveaways.


Consider infrastructure needs

When determining how to appeal to startups, consider the needs of those you’re trying to attract. Will your city need to build better public transportation? Can part of the city be developed for business use? Are there areas you can turn into parks to attract young, workforce-ready families? Create a survey and ask businesses—both new and well established—for input on their short-term and long-term needs. Thank them for participating with a branded giveaway, such as a picnic blanket or duffel bag.


Highlight your startup-readiness

Companies looking for a place to call home will want to see a variety of economic information. Pull together data about your economy, taxes, jobs and industries, IT, healthcare, housing and education. Create an easy-to-read report and make it available online. It will also be helpful to build a list of important connections in the area, like real estate and employee pools. Present this useful information with a promotional giveaway like a flash drive or binder.


Foster connections

If your community is home to a university or trade school, build connections between them and budding businesses. Doing so provides multiple opportunities for both the business and the school. For instance, a company looking to start in the area may need anything from interns to research and development partners. Most will be looking for employees with specific skillsets—both immediately and in the future. Access to talent was deemed a “critical issue” by 63% of startups.


Create a point of contact

Whether new businesses require data on your city or an introduction to the local university, offering a single point of contact can show that your community is friendly and inviting. When reaching out or meeting with entrepreneurs, give them a business card magnet with contact information for the person who can help them get the answers they need.


Set up for startups

Today’s startup can turn into tomorrow’s major addition to your community. By offering information, a point of contact and promotional giveaways, you can help draw more startups to your community.