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| Updated: May 10, 2022 4 min read

Capturing the attention of passers-by during an in-person trade show can be tricky, but trying to catch their attention during a virtual event is even harder. You are not just competing with other exhibitors, you’re often competing with a busy workday and other distractions. The good news is there’s an easy way to grab attention—games. Gamification is easy. Just make it fun to play, easy to understand and worth their time. We have some virtual event gamification ideas to help you get started.


Start early

It’s never too early to get them engaged. Send them an email before your event with a VIP discount they can redeem on the day of the event. It’s a great way to build connections before the event even gets started.


Use polls for points

If you’re testing a new idea or product or collecting data, getting people to participate can be challenging. Make it a game by offering points for every product they test or poll they fill out. The more questions they answer, the more points they get and the better prizes they’ll win. For example, one poll may earn them a pen, while five polls gets them a cooler tote bag.


Create networking opportunities

Many people attend trade shows to see new products and services and meet new people. Creating a game that lets people work together, like a virtual escape room, allows them to make connections while having a good time. Since you’re the one organizing the game, they’ll remember your brand fondly.

Tie trivia to presentations

When your booth is sharing a virtual presentation or video, help attendees stay focused. Offer prizes for trivia questions at the end—or even during the session. It will help people to stay on task, take notes and remember what you told them. Be sure to offer something fun for participating, like a push pop bubble game.


Pick a winner

Offer participants an easy win by asking them to fill out their contact information to be entered into a drawing for a grand prize, like a pair of wireless ear buds. Give everyone who enters an instant-win percentage discount on a new product or service for added encouragement.


Offer attendees a break

Sometimes the best thing you can offer trade show attendees is a minute to kick back and have a little fun. An easy electronic whack-a-mole game—with a list of high scores—can get people involved with your booth just for the joy of it. Now that you have their attention, show off your new products or services.


Host a scavenger hunt

Partner with other organizations at the trade show and create a virtual scavenger hunt. They can collect electronic badges or find a particular word at each booth to unscramble into a sentence to get a co-sponsored trade show gift, like a jacket.


Give points for exploring

Encourage visitors to learn as much as possible about your company by giving them a virtual checklist. Reward them with a prize for checking off all of them.


Game on

In a time of so much learning and networking, virtual event gamification ideas can turn your online trade show booth into a fun place to be. And that means you and your potential customers both win.