4imprint, LLC

| Updated: June 02, 2021

Social media is more than just a platform for gaining followers and sharing updates. Done right, it can be an invaluable tool for finding new donors and volunteers. The big question is how. A new follower is an opportunity, but converting that person into a supporter takes work. Here are a few ways to help transform social media followers into donors and volunteers using resources you may already have and some nonprofit promotional items.

Collect their email

Your social media marketing strategy should focus on getting followers to share their email addresses. Having their email opens the door to regular communication and marketing. Start by sharing links to your newsletter sign-up page. Entice fans to sign up by highlighting the benefits of receiving emails—try sharing impact stories and photos. Provide old newsletters on social channels to give a sneak peek at the content they would be receiving if they signed up, or host contests on your social channels to encourage email sign-ups. Tell followers that winners will be chosen from those who sign up for your newsletter during a certain timeframe. Bluetooth® speakers or embroidered blankets make good prize options.

Highlight the impact

Tell a story that shows what their donation or volunteer time can do. Posting engaging content, such as photos, videos and infographics, is a great way to visually share testimonials that drive donations and inspire volunteers. Be sure to include a link to a donation or volunteer sign-up page on your website with these posts.

Explain how their support helps

Instead of directly asking, explain how their time and money will be used. Rather than asking for a $10 donation or a day of volunteering, show how $10 or a day’s work can help. For example, “your $10 donation can feed a family for a day” or “volunteers who spend a day in the classroom raise reading levels by 10 percent.”

Offer a small incentive

Motivate your social media fans to act by offering a small nonprofit promotional item as a reward for their time or financial support, such as a coffee mug or tote bag. Encourage higher-level donations or repeat volunteers with a donor or volunteer thank-you gift that has a greater value, such as a set of wine glasses.


Converting your social media fans into supporters takes time and effort. Try these tips, along with nonprofit promotional items, to help turn those followers into donors and volunteers. And, link to your website every chance you get!