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| Updated: February 06, 2023 3 min read

The new normal is forcing many organizations to get creative when it comes to event planning and ensuring all attendees feel comfortable and safe. According to one survey, 57% of people said they would feel extremely or somewhat comfortable attending an outdoor event. While the solution may seem quite simple, there are many details that go into planning an event outside. We offer tips and guidelines to help you plan a safe and successful outdoor event.

Pre-meeting communication sets you up for success

Take time to communicate with attendees about what they can expect during your outdoor meeting, conference or exhibit. Share precautions you will take to keep everyone safe, and outline general safety guidelines you expect everyone to follow.

Equip attendees with an event schedule as well as useful promotional items for outdoor events, like face masks and hand sanitizer.

Think through the details

Hosting an outdoor event means there are many details to consider that you wouldn’t have to worry about if your event was indoors.

  • Depending on the date and time of the event, will lighting or heaters be needed? Or will you need to provide shade from the sun with event tents?
  • Rent outdoor tables and chairs to ensure attendees have a comfortable place to sit.
  • Determine if you’ll need microphones and a sound system. Is the meeting or expo small enough that you can count on speakers’ voices carrying organically?

Consider technology needs

When planning an outdoor meeting or event, it can be easy to overlook everything you’ll need for presentations and other agenda items. Ensure outlets are available and that cords are secured to the ground to eliminate trip hazards. Make sure screens can easily be viewed in direct sunlight. And most importantly, make sure the Wi-Fi works effectively outdoors to prevent lags or road bumps during presentations. Keep your attendees fully charged with wireless power banks as a thank-you gift for attending

Outdoor events for business or pleasure

Meetings, conferences and exhibits aren’t the only events that can be taken outdoors. Consider hosting your next employee appreciation or team-building event outdoors too. Company picnics are a great way to host employees and thank them for all their hard work. Instead of a potluck-style meal, provide each family a personal picnic-style meal. A blanket makes a great promotional item for your outdoor event.

Outdoor events: A perfect alternative to in-person meetings

Hosting your next meeting or show outside can provide a safe and successful way to bring people together in-person. Try these tips for a great outdoor event.