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| Updated: September 30, 2022 4 min read

Customer appreciation gifts can be advantageous to your business long after they are given. Using gifts to thank customers for their business can increase brand loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. In fact, 60% of people say unexpected gifts are the number one reason they stick with a brand.

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Customer appreciation giveaways and gifts can also strengthen and deepen customer relationships. Here are five gift ideas to show customers just how grateful you are for their business.

Red gift box with a tag that reads, “Thank you for your business!”.

New customer giveaways

If you’re looking to attract new customers to your business, gifts can be a great way to do it. Draw in new business by offering a little something extra to people who try your products or services. Include a free, stylish bag with their purchase and a 10% off coupon for their next order. Remember, customers who feel valued are more likely to come back.


“Just because” gifts

“Just because” gifts are just that—a gift to a customer just for being your customer. This type of surprise reward is a very effective way to interact with customers.

Choose a “just because” customer thank-you gift that’s useful and related to your industry. For instance, a bamboo kitchen set for the food or restaurant industry. Or a sleek pair of safety glasses to help them view your manufacturing company with favorable eyes.


Long-time client gifts

Solid customer service turns 86% of one-time customers into long-term, loyal brand advocates. Keep your most longstanding customers feeling valued with high-end customer appreciation gifts like a wheeled laptop backpack or a wireless outdoor speaker. Include a handwritten note that expresses how deeply you value their business and their commitment to your brand.


Existing customer giveaways

Current customers spend about 31% more than new customers and are 50% more likely to try new products or services.

Show appreciation to current customers by going the extra mile. Give them an exclusive discount, only available to them. Or send customers a thank-you gift they can put to good use, such as a cast iron skillet or stylish backpack. You’ll make them smile and conjure up even more favorable feelings toward your brand.


Personal connection gifts

How does your brand make customers feel? A customer’s emotional connection to your brand, or how they instinctively connect with your business, is perhaps the most important aspect of customer loyalty. You can help customers feel valued and cared for by sending a customer appreciation gift that correlates with a special event, like a birthday or anniversary. It’s a great way to make a personal connection.

On their birthday, send a personalized cake your client can share with their office. When they buy a new house, send a unique stackable food container. If your customer just became a new parent, send them an adorable onesie with ears. No matter what event you’re celebrating, include a handwritten note of congratulations that also thanks them for their business.


Easily build loyalty with customer thank-you gifts

With ideas like sending high-end gifts to long-time clients and surprise customer appreciation gifts to all customers, your patrons will gladly spread the word about how much they love doing business with you.


Key Takeaways:

  • Surprise rewards create loyal customers.
  • Long-time customers appreciate high-end gifts.
  • New customer gifts encourage repeat business.
  • Personal connection gifts boost loyalty.