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| Updated: May 10, 2022

According to Statistics Canada’s General Social Survey, Canadians are relying on their tech gadgets more and more. In fact, 76 percent of adults own a smartphone. And more than half say their lives are better because of it. The love for tech doesn’t stop there. Twenty-eight percent of Canadians have smart home devices ranging from connected appliances and thermostats to lighting and security solutions. And it’s predicted that within the next four years, 8.5 percent will be sporting wearable devices.

Did you know that by simply adding a promotional item to your media mix, you can increase the effectiveness of other channels by 44 percent? Combine that with hot tech products, and your marketing will be unstoppable.

If you’re hoping to offer a must-have giveaway at your next trade show, look no further than tech gadgets. This list of the best tech giveaway ideas will have them lining up for some face time.

Bluetooth® speaker

According to a survey, two out of three consumers prefer their products with Bluetooth. Help them grow their business with a Bluetooth flower pot. Bluetooth pots were named in the top 14 favourite products featured at the PPAI® Expo, making this musical speaker, flower pot and light a definite crowd pleaser. About 56 percent of trade show attendees travel 640 kilometres or more to attend an event. It’s likely many will be flying, which makes Bluetooth® luggage trackers a great giveaway. These tags are two-way locators. Once they pair their tag to their phone using an app, they will always know where their phone and luggage are located.

Home Wi-Fi camera

Live streaming from the trade show not only helps you broaden your reach, but it also makes it 30 percent more likely that viewers will visit you at the next event. Encourage prospects to watch your stream by entering those who do in a draw for a custom video stabilizer.

Activity Tracker

The number of people wearing fitness trackers is really stepping up. In fact, this market is expected to reach a whopping $48.2 billion globally by 2023. Activity trackers make great prizes for spin the wheel or trivia games. Or increase foot traffic by entering those who walk in a prize draw for a Bluetooth tracker.


Technology is tops when it comes to choosing the most sought-after promotional items. Choose one of these best tech giveaways and have a powerful presence at your next trade show.