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| Updated: June 01, 2021

When it comes to urban areas, smart technology can mean big improvements. A smart city collects information about residents’ needs and uses technology to better the community’s services, such as energy, transportation and safety. As the world becomes more urbanized—by 2050, almost two-thirds of the population is expected to reside in an urban area—smart cities will become sought-after places to live. Starting to implement smart technology now will keep you ahead of the crowd.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of transforming into a smart city, and how to gauge resident interest with survey prizes. The possibilities for smart cities are truly endless.


Examples of smart city services

Bus or train tracking

By using a mobile app, riders see the bus or train they are waiting for in real-time. They then know exactly when to arrive at stops or stations. It also helps reduce the chances of missing the bus or train. Tracking makes public transportation more reliable and the overall service is improved. To encourage people to try the app, enter those who download it into a drawing. A valuable prize, such as a charging pad or cordless speaker, is sure to motivate them.


Energy-saving lighting

To improve safety while saving energy, install sensors on streetlights and in other public areas. Let the community vote on the best areas to put this green technology. Send out a survey and reward respondents with a fun (and relevant) survey prize, such as a pocket flashlight.


Electric vehicle charging

Electric cars eliminate fuel emissions, while saving the owner fuel costs. Installing public charging ports around the city makes it easier for people to use and drive electric cars. To find out how interested your community is in electric cars, survey citizens for their opinions. Don’t forget the incentives! Themed prize giveaway ideas include car chargers or car coasters.


Smarter cities can lead to a better life for residents.

As smart technology continues to grow and develop, so will the options for creating a greener, cleaner, safer and more-efficient city. Start upgrading your community now, with the help of survey prizes, and build a better home for the future.