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| Updated: May 27, 2021 3 min read

The five senses can be powerful advertising tools. After all, it’s through those senses that people perceive the world. Appealing to customer senses allows them to see, hear, smell, touch and taste the difference between your product or service and that of the competition. If you’re looking to sell to your customers’ senses, we have some tips and small business giveaway ideas to enhance their experience.



Ninety percent of what’s transmitted to the brain is visual. A consistent visual experience will help people remember you. Use the same colors, logo placement, fonts and imagery on your website and social pages, printed materials and signage. Give your employees a brand guide to help ensure everyone is on the same page. Outfit staff in your brand colors with logo T-Shirts or polos. Use strategically placed signs, like sandwich boards and table tents, to welcome customers, promote sales and share your message. And remember to stick with your theme when creating packaging and displays.



Did you know piping music through your store can impact sales? It’s true! Studies show that music influences what people buy, how long they shop and how much they spend. If you want shoppers to stop and stay awhile, choose music with a slower tempo. If you want quick sales, select popular tunes.



Our sense of smell is closely linked to our memory, so it’s no surprise that some stores have their own signature scent. If your employee breakroom has an oven, consider baking up some cookies to fill your store with sweet smells. Then send customers how with a sugar cookie votive to remember you by. Do you sell cars? Keep that new car smell fresh with a complimentary auto air freshener. Or, diffuse an essential oil, like the invigorate blend, that can double as a small business giveaway.



Touch is an effective way to promote direct interactions with your product, service or brand. In fact, studies show that getting a customer to physically hold a product creates a sense of ownership and a desire to buy. Offer product demonstrations and samples, unbox products on the shelf and provide access to your display cases. And remember, research shows interpersonal touch, like a handshake or pat on the back, creates trust and can increase sales.



If you’re in the food or drink market, offering free samples is a great way to let customers get a taste of your brand. But any business can incorporate the sense of taste into their sales process. Offer complimentary hors d’ oeuvres or gourmet cookies during promotions or special events. Provide waiting customers with a refreshing beverage like a smoothie or fruit-infused water. Or toast a new customer or closed deal with a glass of sparkling fruit juice or champagne in a logo flute.


When you extend your brand to all five of the senses, you create an experience that customers won’t soon forget. Try these tips and small business giveaway ideas for an encounter that’s aromatic, tactile, tasty and easy on the eyes. It will be music to their ears!