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| Updated: May 27, 2021 3 min read

Employee engagement seems to be the buzzword as companies strive to recruit and retain staff. But what about employee experience? While employee engagement comes from the top down, employee experience is bottom up. If you’re looking for ways to improve your employee experience, check out these ideas and employee giveaways.


Set them up for success on day one

Studies show that companies lose about 17% of their new hires in the first three months of employment. Make employees feel comfortable and supported by:

  • Helping them understand expectations.
  • Giving them an onboarding outline for their first few weeks and months on the job.
  • Explaining company culture and values.
  • Setting them up with a “work buddy” to whom they can direct questions.

Gifts for team members are another way to show how grateful you are that those associates joined your company. Give them logo shirts for men or women. A travel office kit is perfect for an open-concept environment or the employee who spends a lot of time on the road.


Create flexible work options

While 80% of executives consider employee experience either important or very important, only 22% feel their organizations do a great job of creating an outstanding employee experience. Let your company stand out from the competition by offering a flexible work environment. Your employees may feel they can accomplish more by changing their work schedule or working somewhere other than the office. Allowing them to work from home or come into the office during nonstandard hours can improve productivity and help them maintain work-life balance.


Solicit (and act on) employee feedback

If you’re searching for insight, all you need to do is ask! Hand out surveys, ask questions via email, host discussions, or have managers hold one-on-one talks with employees to better understand what they need personally and as a group. Show gratitude for associates’ feedback with gifts for team members, like a mug with lid.


Create opportunities for learning and growth

Giving employees opportunities to learn and grow can help them become better employees and move into new roles within your company. Offer learning opportunities by:

  • Providing a class through a local university.
  • Hosting lunch-and-learn events.
  • Starting a company library.
  • Giving them access to online training courses.

As they reach learning milestones, hand out employee giveaways, like a USB drive, to store important educational documents. A planner is an excellent way to help them keep track of deadlines.


A better work experience for everyone

By letting your employees tell you what they need, you can create a working environment that makes it possible for them to do their best work. With career support, employee giveaways and a flexible schedule, your team will have an amazing employee experience.