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| Updated: March 23, 2021

When it comes to running a small business, hiring is a good news/bad news situation. On the one hand, it means your company is doing well enough to expand. On the other, you now face the complicated task of finding and hiring top talent.


The market is tough. According to the 2018 Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Summit report, 70 percent of small businesses find it hard to locate and retain skilled employees. Moreover, 56 percent find it somewhat or very difficult to locate the right employees for their company. And 24 percent of small businesses stated it is harder to find employees than it was five years ago.


Luckily, there are a few easy things you can do to help attract the best talent. And don’t forget the importance of recruitment giveaways and old-fashioned networking!


Network virtually and in person

When you compete with so many other businesses for great talent, you want to make sure your company stand out. Make a good virtual impression by having your social media platforms and website up to date. Connect with local talent at community networking events. If you meet someone who seems like a good fit, have a memorable recruitment item handy. Consider a Fidget Spinner Pen or a Hashtag Stress Reliever that encourages them to check out your business online.


Get your employees in on the fun

If you already have a great team, ask them to help attract additional employees. Fifty-seven percent of small businesses use word of mouth or recommendations in their hiring process. This process can be as simple as asking your employees if they have anyone they can recommend for an open position. Or gather your employees and have them look through their LinkedIn® profiles, sending pre-crafted messages to anyone who might fill one of your company needs. Don’t forget to thank your employees for their help! A gift card to a favourite store, high-end Bluetooth® headphones or warm, versatile jacket can show them how much you value their help.


Offer flexibility

An astounding 84 percent of job seekers say that work flexibility is the most important aspect of a potential job. If it’s possible for your company, consider:

  • Offering a range of hours employees must be in the office
  • Allowing employees to accomplish their work during hours of their choice
  • Giving employees the option to work remotely


Another form of flexibility that’s gaining popularity is an open paid time off (PTO) policy, where staff is allowed to take as much sick and vacation time as they need. Offering potential employees the ability to flex their work around their personal life is sure to draw in many desirable candidates. Offer them recruitment giveaways, like a cool pedometer with clock, they’ll put to use in their busy lives.


Show opportunities for growth

Smaller businesses often require employees to wear more than one job hat, but that can be an advantage when hiring. One recent® Gallup poll showed that 87 percent of millennials felt career growth opportunities are important. Providing training opportunities is advantageous to your company and allows employees to explore their professional strengths. Get them ready to learn with a pen and notebook set or laptop backpack.


Start recruiting today

By networking, making potential employees aware of your company benefits and recruitment giveaways, you’ll soon find yourself saying those two magical words: You’re hired!