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| Updated: March 23, 2021

Did you know more than four in five Canadian households are close to public parks and green spaces? From neighbourhood parks and beaches to national parks and forests, public land is all around us.

Long summer days offer a great time to promote the enjoyment and conservation of public green spaces. Encourage your community to learn about, use and care for some of your area’s most beautiful places. We include outdoor swag ideas to promote participation.

Educate, promote and encourage care for public green spaces


Combine support for green spaces with learning new skills and you have a win-win idea. If you’re in charge of managing a community garden, consider hosting a free gardening “how-to” to teach the public about the types of plants that thrive in your area. A nature centre may consider holding a free educational event where families can learn about native species and their habitats. Give those who attend an outdoor promotional item like a seeded bookmark or vegetable garden kit.


Instilling a love of the outdoors can generate current and future support for public spaces. Encourage your community members to get outside and enjoy all that public spaces have to offer. Ask participants to share images of their family and friends hiking, camping, boating, fishing—you name it—on your social media pages. Enter those who do into a prize draw for a first aid kit, camping lantern or fishing hat.

Provide care

One of the best ways to support public green spaces is by caring for them. Organize an event where the community can pick up litter, remove invasive species, plant trees or shrubs, build trails and so on. You may consider reaching out to local volunteer groups that may have an interest, such as conservation groups, Scouts and Girl Guides, local school groups and more. Provide those who participate with some outdoor swag to say thanks. A pair of logoed Sunglasses or a carabiner bottle bag make great choices.


Rally support for public green spaces by educating the community, promoting the outdoors and organizing volunteer events. And don’t forget to pass out some outdoor swag to those who participate. Enjoy the great outdoors!