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| Updated: March 23, 2021

A successful product-promotion strategy involves effectively engaging with customers and demonstrating your product’s value to them. Likewise, promoting your product at a trade show is all about increasing sales, attracting customers and improving brand recognition. Whether you’re launching a new product or bringing awareness to an existing product, trade shows offer brands a captive audience for that important face time.

To make the most out of your trade show experience, take time to design a product-promotion strategy that aligns with your goals and objectives. To help, we’ve assembled our top 5 product promotion strategies, along with the best trade show giveaways, to maximize your next trade show experience.

  1. Offer an exclusive item to key customers
    According to a report by Demand Metric Research Corporation, event marketing ranks as one of the top B2B lead-generation strategies. Make connections with key customers before, during and after the trade show. Spread the word through email marketing, blogging and social media to help promote attendance. Consider offering these customers an exclusive trade show gift—like a sports duffel bag or T-shirt —when they visit your booth. Brand this item with your product’s key features or benefits.
  2. Stand out from the crowd
    Cool features grab attention. Develop a unique, eye-catching product display that highlights the product’s features and benefits. Trade show games, like this light-up prize wheel, can be a fun way to educate visitors and showcase your product’s features. Give away a baseball-style cap to thank participants for playing.
  3. Find influencers to talk about your product
    Influencer marketing is becoming a key strategy to effectively marketing products. Identify key influencers for your product. Then invite them to participate and offer recommendations at your booth. This not only builds relationships, it gives customers the chance to chat one-on-one with these key influencers. Show your appreciation for influencers’ time with a trade show gift, like a branded wine and cheese combo.
  4. Tap into social media
    Using social media is an excellent way to bring attention to your product promotions. Whether you run an online contest or solicit user reviews and feedback, social media can help you reach your target audience while having fun. For trade shows, social media can help promote products or product events happening in your booth. Develop a unique product hashtag to create buzz. Select one of the best trade show giveaways, like a charging tech kit, to thank those who engage with you.
  5. Consider product giveaways
    If you can, offer product samples to potential buyers so they can try before they buy. In addition to allowing them to try out the product, consider asking them to complete a survey, sign up for an email newsletter or watch a product video. This allows you to continue the conversation in the future.

Product-promotion strategies can help draw new customers to your business. Use these strategies to generate awareness for your product, your brand and your organization. And build relationships with key customers along the way. We hope these top 5 product promotion strategies, along with the best trade show giveaways, help inspire some new ideas for your next trade show.