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| Updated: January 13, 2021 3 min read

Buzzing phones, chatty co-workers and pinging messaging platforms can make the workday fly by—but they can also prevent work from getting done. Help your staff keep distractions at bay with these tips and productivity gifts.


Set three main objectives

All too often, trying to do “everything”—or even just worrying about their to-do list—is enough to prevent employees from getting the job done. Encourage staff members to pick three main objectives for the day to accomplish. They will feel less distracted and stay on task. Give associates a productivity gift, like a journal, to help keep track of daily objectives and whether or not they accomplish them.


Minimize electronic distractions

The buzz of the phone and the ping of email can quickly derail any employee. Encourage them to set their phone on silent, turn email off, and set an “away” status in office chat programs to keep them working efficiently when trying to accomplish a task. Have your team select a regular time to check messages during the day to ensure they don’t miss anything important.


Take a break

Studies have shown that the most productive employees perform 52 minutes of concentrated work, followed by a 17-minute break. Encourage staff to take a break and take care of themselves. Give them a custom mug that includes an encouraging reminder to take a water or coffee break. Or choose a calming gift, like a stress relieving coloring book and pencil set that can provide a short brain break. Afterwards, they’ll feel more energized and ready to tackle the next project on their list.


Find a quiet corner

A noisy office can prevent staff from becoming fully immersed in their work. Make time available during the day or week so employees can find a quiet corner to escape noisy distractions. Give them ear plugs for an even more calming experience.


Get plenty of rest

One big way to prevent distractions doesn’t actually happen at the office—it happens at home. Getting enough sleep helps employees feel more motivated. And it improves focus and memory. A few calming gifts, like lavender oil or a sleep mask, can help your staff catch a few extra winks—and wake up ready to do their best work.


Drive away distraction

With so many projects, conversations and messaging options available, concentration can be a daily challenge. These tips and productivity gifts can help staff feel good about all they accomplished.