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| Updated: April 07, 2021 4 min read

When employees feel good about their workload, they’re more creative and productive. They look forward to coming into the office and work better with others, which means they’re less likely to leave your organization. But 23% of employees admit they feel burned out at work either very often or always, while an additional 44% say they feel burned out some of the time. The good news is this doesn’t have to be the case at your business. Read on for some tips to help prevent burnout in the workplace.


Have an ongoing conversation

One way you can prevent employee burnout is to schedule monthly, one-on-one conversations with staff members. Talk about their workload, what’s going on outside of work and how they’re feeling overall. Consider this time a pulse-check on burnout. If red flags pop up during your conversation, it may be time for them to take a day off—before things get too overwhelming.


Provide mental health days

Mental health days are designed to prevent burnout. These days allow workers to pause, regroup and re-energize so they come back with a fresh perspective. If possible, allow each employee a few of these days a year, outside of their regular vacation days. Encourage employees to use their mental health days for what they truly need, like getting outside, reading for pleasure or spending quality time with their family. You can even provide employee wellness gifts, such as a journal or bean bag toss game.


Keep hours realistic

Keep an eye on weekly schedules. Some employees regularly take on added work—especially during busy times. Evenly distributing extra hours among team members can keep people from feeling overwhelmed. Each week, have managers look at each person’s workload to help determine what, if anything, can move off their plate. Monthly planners can come in handy to schedule extra hours. Another way to keep hours realistic is to implement time-tracking. That way, employees will have a better idea about how long projects will take.


Encourage breaks

Taking breaks can improve employees’ moods, overall well-being and job performance. Actively encouraging employees to step away from their work shows them you don’t expect—or want—them glued to their screens for eight hours straight. Preventing burnout in the workplace can be simple. Encourage employees to :

  • Take one or two fifteen-minute breaks outside of lunch
  • Schedule a short physical activity break to rejuvenate
  • Keep healthy trail mix and a fruit infuser bottle on hand to help them stay energized and hydrated

Handing out employee wellness gifts, like an apple stress reliever or jump rope, can remind them of the importance of breaks. Another way to encourage taking breaks is to set a good example. When your staff knows you are also taking a couple minutes here and there throughout the day for a quick refresh, they’ll be more likely to follow suit.


Stop burnout before it happens

By preventing burnout in the workplace, you’ll help keep your entire team happy, healthy and productive.