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| Updated: January 13, 2021 3 min read

We spend a lot of time looking at screens. A whole lot. In fact, the average office worker spends 6.5 hours each day staring at a computer or laptop. Add in the personal time spent looking at smartphones or watching TV, and that number gets even larger. Even though these screens make work and personal lives easier, too much of them can cause dry eyes, eye strain and even headaches. Help staff take a break from tech with a digital detox. These ideas and office promotional items are sure to rejuvenate your team and encourage them to use their screens with better health in mind.


Get competitive

Everyone loves a little friendly competition. Turn your digital detox into one with an in-office challenge. Using a time-tracking app, have the team start tracking their on-screen hours both in and out of the office. To encourage them to start tracking, hand out Double Pocket Cell Phone Wallets to remind everyone of the challenge.

Award prizes to team members who keep their total time spent on screens under a certain amount or who reduce their overall screen time. Or, choose the top three people with the lowest times overall. Provide regular updates so players can see how they stack up against their colleagues.

Give out prizes that can be used with friends or family, instead of with a screen, such as the Engel Backpack Cooler or Normandy Swivel Base Cheese and Wine Set.


Build relationships

Create opportunities for your team to build relationships through personal interactions versus through email or online communications.

For example, create a break or lounge area with games and puzzles. Hold tournament-style games, special theme days or a potluck lunch. Puzzles and games during break time will be a welcome reprieve for your team. Give each staff member a branded set of Value Playing Cards with Case so they can continue screen-free time anywhere.

In addition, encourage employees to talk in person or write a note, versus an email, whenever they can. Make this a breeze with desk promotional items like the Stockford Journal and Wolverine Pen.


Embrace the outdoors

Get everyone having fun in the sun without a single screen in sight when you plan regular team-building events or lunches in the great outdoors.

Picnics, BBQs or a friendly game of softball are fun ways everyone can get together without the help of technology. Celebrate these outdoor events with fun giveaways like the Mesh Back Cap or Airman Aviator Sunglasses.

It’s easy to promote getting outdoors with giveaway items that encourage everyone to enjoy the fresh air. Items like the Playful Plaid Picnic Blanket or Crossland Camp Chair make spending time outside sans screens even better.


Meet without tech

Promote no-tech meetings to help employees better connect, brainstorm and solve problems. Instead of laptops and smartphones, give team members the no-tech tools they need to make each meeting a success.

Stock meeting rooms and common areas with office promotional items like the Executive Legal Pad and Micro Sticky Book. Supply team members with personal desk promotional items they can bring to every meeting to take and keep track of notes. The Vintage Leather Portfolio goes easily from meeting to meeting, while keeping all their thoughts organized.


It’s time to detox

Start reducing screen time now. With these fun and engaging ideas, and the help of office promotional items, the whole team is sure to get on board with a digital detox.