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This year, nearly everything has gone virtual. And that’s likely the case for your holiday party. Even though celebrating may look a little different for your team, there are still ways you can help everyone feel connected, have fun and live out your company culture. Try these fun office holiday ideas to get your party planning started.


Idea #1: Dress up in costumes

A virtual costume party is a fun (and sometimes hilarious) way to build connectedness within a team. Seeing coworkers show up in creative outfits can inspire conversation. Make it a friendly competition with holiday gifts for employees. Give a weekly planner or a journal and pen set to the winners.


Idea #2: Set up a giving tree

Giving back to the community during the holidays helps employees feel connected to a greater purpose. Go beyond typical virtual office party ideas with a giving tree. These trees hold gift wish lists for children in need. Encourage your team to purchase the gifts listed on the tree.

Give each employee raffle tickets when they purchase a gift to place under the tree. If you have team members working remotely, they can still buy items to donate and get a virtual raffle ticket instead. Working together to help others, even when physically apart, forms a stronger bond among your team.


Idea #3: Play Secret Santa

Playing Secret Santa can promote team building and rapport. Pair team members with a recipient, ask them to send or drop off a gift, and virtually open them together.


Idea #4: Host an open-mic night

Everybody has hidden talents to show off! Set up an online meeting and give everyone one minute on the virtual stage. They can:

  • Read a poem
  • Sing a song
  • Tell a joke
  • Play an instrument
  • Share a recipe

This office holiday idea gives your team something to remember and encourages greater interaction from every employee—even the introverts. Ask the group to vote for their favourite and send the winner a laptop backpack.


Idea #5: Have a virtual tasting party

Take holiday gifts for employees to a tasty level by treating them to drinks and snacks delivered to their homes. Send everyone beverages and cheese samplings from a local establishment and have a virtual tasting party. Include wine glasses or beer mugs to go with it. It’s a great way to reward your team and encourage conversation.


Form strong team connections

With a little creativity and these office holiday ideas, you don’t have to forgo fun this year, and your team will still feel connected. Enjoy the holidays!