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| Updated: January 13, 2021 3 min read

In an industry of limited resources, finding an inexpensive way to reach more donors is key. Enter live streaming. Until recently, the only people who could attend your events and fundraisers were those who could be there in person. Live streaming lets you bring your event to anyone with online access. If you’re looking for a way to get in touch with more people near and far, these ideas and nonprofit giveaways can help you share your message in real time


Go live during your events

Livestreaming your events gives you the chance to invite everyone—even those who can’t or won’t leave their homes. What’s more, live streaming allows everyone to get involved. For example, many live streaming platforms give you the option to connect your stream directly to the fundraiser so supporters can donate or bid remotely. You can also link a live stream description to your fundraising page.

To encourage people to donate, offer a nonprofit giveaway for donations over a certain amount. A decal  is easy to mail and shares your message. For larger donations, show appreciation with a T-shirt that allows donors to show their support.


Newsjacking and commentary

The world is changing faster than ever before. Keeping your organization up to speed on current events can put you a step ahead. “Newsjacking” is about amplifying your nonprofit by commenting on the latest news. If new legislation passes, a weather disaster occurs or a sudden opportunity arises that affects your nonprofit, commenting on stories can be a great way to get you message out there—and ultimately get people involved or raise money to help.

For example, if your organization provides financial assistance to people after a natural disaster, go live to let people know what you’re doing to help—and where they can donate or volunteer. Offer nonprofit giveaways like a keychain to thank the people who step up.


Provide training to volunteers and staff

If your staff and volunteers are scattered across the country—or around the world—doing training via live streaming can save time and travel expenses. Remind people of upcoming sessions and get them prepared to learn with training swag. Ear buds with an included phone stand make it easier to listen and follow along.


Create your own show

When it comes to marketing, people prefer watching video to reading text, so share some of your newsletter content via live streaming. Create a weekly show where you share your accomplishments, talk to volunteers or people receiving your services, share updates from the field or thank donors.

By creating a weekly live show that airs at the same day and time every week, you can keep your donors up to date—and encourage them to share your live video link with their social networks. A webcam cover that has your broadcast day and time on it will remind supporters that you’ll be live and in-person every week.


Get seen with live streaming

Live streaming gives you a way to create and build a connection with people anywhere in the world. With nonprofit giveaways and training swag, you’ll spread your message far and wide.