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| Updated: January 18, 2021

To successfully market a small business, it is important to know your audience and how to reach them. With customers living in a city environment, it’s essential to target your message using specific tactics. This is often called urban marketing.

Typically, a city market is exposed to lots of advertising, making it more difficult to capture the attention of prospects and customers. In addition, those in a heavily populated market spend more time in stores, which makes store signs and displays a valuable tool.

Why knowing your audience is important

Targeted marketing is essential for small businesses in a densely populated area because it helps pinpoint your sales message. Sending the right message to an audience is of the utmost importance to catch their attention, find leads and make a sale. The ability to connect to the market will help any small business grow.

How to tailor a message to a city market

To shape a marketing message to the big-city crowd, keep in mind these tips to build a stronger connection—and small business promotional items can help get the job done.

Stand out

Because of the large number of advertisements a city resident sees every day, it is important for your messaging to be memorable and unique. Stand out from the crowd with edgy messages and modern design. Whichever channel you choose, the more unique the message, the better.

Put your research hat on

People in a big city environment tend to be wary of one-on-one sales and prefer to do their own research. Include research and statistics in your own marketing promotional products and materials. Then imprint that information on a flyer or store display where it will be seen regularly.

Find unique community sponsorships

Getting creative with local sponsorships is a not only a great way to get noticed, but it also shows you’re invested in the community. Sponsor enjoyable features for the community, such as a bike rack or playground. Also, be sure to support and attend local events. Don’t forget a fun small business promotional item for attendees to take as a souvenir, such as a light-up bouncy ball.

Build a local social media following

Since larger communities tend to be pretty active on social media channels, develop an engaging, personable social media strategy. In addition to information about your business, include content that a local audience would be interested in, such as upcoming events or local news stories. Additionally, engage with and share posts from nearby businesses and organizations. A contest on social media is another way to increase your online reach. Use unique marketing promotional products, such as an easily recognizable water bottle or contemporary computer keyboard, as a prize to motivate contest entries.

Be diverse and inclusive

Mirror your marketing messages to the diverse community you serve. Prioritize multicultural thinking when developing plans and tactics.


In a city environment, it’s important that your marketing messages are heard over the rest of the noise. With unique and stand-out strategies, plus a little help from small business promotional items, your small business will get noticed in the big city.