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| Updated: December 13, 2021 4 min read

Every time an employee passes out a business card to a potential customer, they’re saying one simple thing: Remember my name and how to best get in touch with me. Marketing giveaway items take that same concept and kick it up a notch.


And it’s a big notch. Nine out of 10 people (PDF) will recall the branding of a business because of a promotional item.

Woman holding branded water bottle with thought bubble above her head that contains the brand logo


In addition, 82% of consumers will have a more favorable impression of a brand thanks to a promotional gift.


Even better: There are almost as many ways to use a promotional item as there are items to choose from. We’ve assembled four forget-me-not methods and marketing giveaways to help you capture attention and keep it for a long time to come.


#1: Capture a fad with on-trend promotional products

One of the major reasons people hold onto promotional items is because they’re trendy—which means all you need to do to grab attention is to latch on to whatever is trending at the moment.

One current example—board and card games are currently experiencing a massive upswing.

Predicted global sales will reach more than $21.56B by 2025.

And there are a variety of ways you can use this to capture attention in big and small ways.


For a marketing giveaway that is sure to draw eyes at a trade show or community event, give away playing cards in a trending print, such as vintage wood, camouflage or emoji.


If you want to offer a holiday or anniversary gift to a client, try a 7-in-1 game set that features multiple classic games. Or capture both gamers and people who love fidget toys with an ultra-trendy bubble pop game.


#2: Get attention with classic marketing giveaways

While trendy items have an in-the-moment power, there’s a reason that classic marketing giveaway items remain popular year after year. If you want to position your business as dependable, you can’t go wrong with one of the five most-owned promotional items in the U.S. (PDF):

A man and woman carrying promo products like drinkware, a laptop bag and notebook.

Because all of these items are well-loved, frequently used, and offer so many variations that can represent your brand, they make ideal customer meet-and-greet gifts. Bonus: For virtual first meetings, many of these items can easily be shipped.


#3: Foster loyalty

While everyone loves making new customer connections, it’s important to remember that keeping your current customers can be anywhere between 2-25 times less expensive than building a relationship with someone new (PDF).


That’s why taking a personalized approach can make a marketing giveaway even more memorable. For example, consider offering a Pet Accessory Bag to a favorite client who loves to talk about their fur babies—or a soft blanket to someone who just welcomed a new baby into the family.


#4: Promote community care

A surprisingly powerful way to use marketing giveaway items is to find ways to care for your community.


Take a look around your community and find ways to serve them, whether it’s by:

  • Sponsoring a walk/run and passing out water bottles to keep everyone hydrated.
  • Collecting change in a Box Bank at local organizations and donating it to a favorite cause.
  • Allowing your staff members to spend a day or partial day volunteering for a local charity.


Leave a lasting impression

For every marketing giveaway item you can think of, there are dozens of ways to turn that simple promotional product into an impression that will last days, months or years. And unlike a radio jingle or TV ad that’s here and gone in a flash, these promo items will be a part of their lives for a long time to come.


Key Takeaways:

  • Capture a trend
  • Get attention
  • Foster loyalty
  • Promote community care