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| Updated: March 18, 2021

Hosting an event for your nonprofit is a lot of work. For it to be successful, you need to raise enough money to cover the cost of the event plus additional funds to support your cause. Plus, you want your event to engage and inspire attendees, so they feel moved to donate in the years to come.

To relieve some of the hosting stress, consider some creative tools before your next big event or fundraiser. Pair with nonprofit promotional items to make your next gathering a smashing success.


Corporate sponsors can help cover costs and help with the guest list—they can encourage their employees to attend and lend support. About four months before your event, start reaching out to potential sponsors. Catch their attention by producing a short video that explains your mission and details the value of their support. Free video editor OpenShot®, is a simple and creative way to make a stunning video. From animations to music tracks, corporations will notice the professional look of the video. To share the video, upload it online or mail it on a USB drive.


Recruiting and organizing volunteers can be a time-consuming process. The most important part of the process is asking. More than 42 percent of people started volunteering simply because they were asked. Make scheduling easier by putting it all online. Tools such as SignUp Genius® allow you to email your list of volunteers and ask for help, while also giving them the opportunity to sign up for a shift or task. Plus, recipients can forward it to their friends, increasing your reach. To encourage volunteers, offer a nonprofit giveaway, such as a speaker or phone stand, as a thank you.


Although social media is by no means a secret tool, the event-planning functions are often overlooked. First, choose a fun and engaging hashtag that can be shared before and during the event to promote your organization. Be sure to print this hashtag on event materials, including nonprofit promotional items like tabletop banners. Second, create an online event invitation on Facebook®, share the event with followers and their friends and sell tickets. Finally, use social media to live stream your event. With behind-the-scenes content, interviews with attendees or clips of the speakers, you will get followers excited about next year and create content you can share in the future.


After the event, collect feedback from attendees and volunteers and use that information to improve future gatherings. Instead of calling or emailing everyone individually, send out a survey digitally with Survey Monkey®. This helpful tool allows you to create and send surveys, and, best of all, analyzes responses. With the tool’s valuable analytics, you and your team will be able to tell precisely what worked and what didn’t. To encourage people to complete the survey, gift them a small nonprofit giveaway, such as a roll-up water bottle or cell phone wallet.


Plan an event they won’t forget

With these helpful tools, planning and hosting your organization’s next big event will be a breeze. Don’t forget to use nonprofit promotional items to spread the word about your event and nonprofit.