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| Updated: January 13, 2021

To find and recruit the best candidates, the Society for Human Resource Management® encourages you to go where job seekers primarily live these days—online! Recruiting swag is still a must-have, but how do you show the love when 40 percent of Canadians use social media to search for jobs?

With nearly 100 percent of Canadian professionals using social media in some way, companies in the know are turning to video recruitment. Video is a great way to sell your organization and tell your story in quick, digestible chunks. To encourage top talent to send a resume or click to learn more about you, check out these creative ways to recruit employees, using both video and recruiting swag:

Post jobs using video

Turn your standard job posting into a video narrative that shares your need for the right candidate. Talk about your culture and benefits, and show examples of the kind of work the job entails. If you’re looking for IT personnel, for example, have the video recruitment post come from a member of your IT team or the hiring manager. These videos don’t need to be expensive productions, but they can be a great way to highlight your organization’s out-of-the-box thinking. Reinforce your tech-savvy culture by thanking interviewees with a 3-in-1 charging cable or a cool virtual reality viewer.

Let your employees do the talking

Recruits are more likely to trust a peer than a CEO, according to a 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer study. Add employee video bios to your website. In those video bios, ask associates to share why they came to work for you, what they like best about your organization, and their favourite example of your culture in action. Share these videos regularly on social media to build up year-round engagement and interest. Record the videos in your office or manufacturing facility and be sure they show off your favourite recruiting giveaways, like an Eddie Bauer® fleece jacket or a wave cap.

Humanize your brand

Video is a great way to give potential employees a sneak peek behind the curtain of your organization. It also shows that your brand extends beyond mere words. Consider replacing the traditional initial phone interview with a video interview, especially for candidates who don’t live nearby or who might work remotely. During the interview, take them on a live tour using a smartphone camera.

Promote video at job fairs

If your recruiting efforts take you off-site to job fairs or college and university career fairs, make sure your recruiting giveaways still promote your use of video to attract top talent. Present booth visitors with your video messaging on a Jazzy USB drive. Or show how much you appreciate them stopping by with a thank-you note that includes a phone stand/screen combo and a gentle reminder to visit your website for those video job postings.


These innovative video recruitment strategies and recruiting swag will help you stand out in a crowded pack of employers, show your unique brand and share your culture through storytelling. Good luck!