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| Updated: March 17, 2021 3 min read

If your small business is looking for ways to build the community’s trust, improve brand awareness or increase social media engagement, micro-influencer marketing may be for you. Get tips on catching the attention of social influencers (and pick up some small business giveaways ideas to help along the way).

A micro-influencer is a social media user who is known for their knowledge about a specific topic. Unlike mega-influencers, who have large followings of 100,000+, micro-influencers tend to engage with a much smaller community—usually between 1,000 and 10,000 people—and are seen as your average, everyday guy or gal. On average, they spend three or more hours each day on social media, creating content and recommendations surrounding their area of expertise, like fashion, travel or beauty.


Micro-influencers are a great fit for small business because they are:



Micro-influencers are considered more authentic than mega-influencers. Because they tend to have a local following, they are viewed as credible, trusted sources.


According to Shane Barker, micro-influencers are affordable. When compared to celebrities and top influencers, the cost of hiring micro-influencers is far more reachable, even for the tightest budgets.


Despite having a smaller following than large-scale influencers, micro-influencers tend to get higher rates of engagement. In fact, according to the Shane Barker article linked above, as the number of followers increases, engagement rates begin to drop. Because micro-influencers are working with a smaller audience, they are likely to provide better, personalized communication.


If this sounds like it could work for your small business, these tips and small business giveaway ideas can help you build relationships with micro-influencers in your industry.


First, you don’t have to look very far to find micro-influencers. Your blog and social media platforms—as well as hashtags—are a great place to start. See who’s already regularly engaging with your brand by commenting on or sharing your content.

Next, check out their content. Scope out their blog and social media posts. See how many and what type of followers they have. Ask yourself, “Is this someone I want advocating for my brand?” If so, let the relationship building begin. Follow them on social and start engaging with their content. Be sure to thank them for being so engaged with your brand. Send a small business giveaway relevant to your business—if you sell beauty products, a cosmetic pouch is a suitable choice. If you’re an auto shop, choose something like a roadside multi-tool or tire gauge.

Once you think you’ve found a match, reach out. After all, if they’re already using your products and services, (and writing about them, too) they may appreciate a free product or service in exchange for a write-up or review. Be sure you thank your micro-influencers for their positive feedback. A logo tumbler or T-shirt makes a great thank-you gift.


We hope these tips and small business giveaway ideas help you find the perfect micro-influencers to show off your brand.