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Knowing how to write a great medical profile is critical—maybe more than you may think. It turns out that 75% of people will read a provider’s bio before setting an appointment, which means many patients will decide whether you’re the right person to work with before you ever meet face to face.

To help you put your best virtual foot forward, we’ve assembled a few tips and branded giveaways that will let patients know you’re the provider of choice.

Tip #1: Include keywords

Your bio is about sharing your expertise. But best practice involves actual search terms—or keywords—people use when searching for your services. That will make it easier for them to find you online. Including search-engine optimized (SEO) terms is a critical first step as you assemble a biography. Consider including:

  • The name of your organization
  • The city and province you’re in
  • Your focus and specializations
  • Conditions you treat and treatments you offer, as patients are likely searching specifically for their individual needs

Tip #2: Share a philosophy of care

Patients looking for a medical professional seek more information than just your medical skills. By sharing a philosophy of care and discussing values, like the importance of teamwork in procedures or ensuring patients understand their care options, you’ll help potential patients discover why they should work with you.

Consider reinforcing your values by imprinting them on a branded giveaway, like a two-in-one note pad and mouse pad or a tote bag. Give these gifts to welcome new patients.

Tip #3: Include personal information

Another way to engage with potential patients is to forge a personal connection. Include details about your personal life, like:

  • Family members
  • Pets
  • Hobbies or favourite sports teams
  • A story about why you joined the profession

Even showing that you have a sense of humour can significantly impact whether patients think you’re the right medical professional for them: For example, 23% of patients in the U. S. are more likely to set an appointment if they know a provider enjoys a laugh.

Tip #4: Include reviews

When it comes to creating a convincing bio, include online (or offline) reviews and testimonials. More than 93% of patients consider reviews more than a little important when selecting a provider.

Thank reviewers for their feedback with a branded giveaway. Patients may appreciate a hot/cold pack or a shaker bottle.

Bonus tip: Include visuals

Sometimes the most powerful information you can include in a bio doesn’t involve any writing at all. For example, half of all patients look for photos or videos of healthcare professionals before making an appointment. By including these in your bio, prospective patients can put a face to a name, which helps reduce their anxiety over meeting someone new.

Say hello to potential patients

Knowing how to write an amazing medical profile helps new patients find you. It also means you’ll be able to put your best foot forward whenever patients need your services. Good luck!