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| Updated: November 16, 2023 4 min read

While we often think of branding as being related to the products or services an organization provides, there’s also the employer brand, which is a critical component when it comes to hiring. How the public—and potential employees—view your brand makes a difference when looking to add to your workforce. In fact, 75% of job seekers take an organization’s brand into account before applying. Recruiting employees often starts with ensuring your employer brand sends the right message. Potential employees want to know about your company’s culture and values, management style, work/life balance, and travel, growth and experience opportunities.

We’ve put together a few tips to help you share this information effectively, along with some recruitment giveaways to ensure your message is memorable.


Understand your brand perception

While you might feel that your workplace is fun and unique, your staff members might feel differently. Check for online reviews of your company so you know what is being said about you. And be sure to do exit interviews when staff members leave. This can help you identify pain points that may need to be addressed.

You can also survey current staff to find out how they feel about their work life, including what’s great and what could be better. Thank anyone who participates with a comfortable hoodie and a thank-you note for their time and honesty.


Use employees as influencers

Much the way a business may use a social media influencer to capture attention, you can turn current employees into influencers of your own. Include staff members in your recruitment by encouraging them to:

  • Share social media posts with friends and followers that let people know you’re hiring.
  • Take part in videos or blog posts that allow staff to talk about why they enjoy working for your agency.
  • Send employee advocates to hiring events.
  • Include employees in the interview process, allowing them to answer questions about the position the candidate would be taking.

When employees meet with recruits face-to-face, it’s an ideal time to offer a recruitment giveaway. A chocolate treat or a phone stand can serve as an open invitation to ask follow-up questions when the interview is done.

Make the most of social media

Seventy-nine percent of job seekers use social media when looking for work. That makes it an ideal platform for building your agency’s brand.

Share posts that demonstrate what work life is like. Post videos of employees in their workspace, be it in the office, at home or on the road. Post photos of company events. Answer questions posed by members of the public. And be sure to have your social media reflect your company environment, whether it’s silly, serious or something in-between.


Use storytelling techniques

While things like compensation, insurance coverage and vacation days are all valuable when it comes to recruiting employees, a list of benefits can’t tug at their heartstrings the way storytelling does. Use blogs, videos, pictures and other types of media to show recruits how their work can affect the community. Examples might include:

  • Explaining how a new building project helped revitalize part of the city.
  • Sharing videos of citizens discussing how your programs directly impacted their lives.
  • Posting blogs from long-time staff members about how their work has helped to improve the community over time.

Use recruitment giveaways to complement your storytelling process. For example, a fire truck stress reliever or police car magnet can send people to a landing page that shares all the ways the department cares for the community.


A strong brand captures attention

Your employer brand tells potential staff members who you are—and helps you find the people you want to connect with. Which means the question of how to recruit employees comes with a simple answer: Just be yourself.